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Best free dating sites to meet foreign girls

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Re: Best free dating sites to meet foreign girls

Post by flowerthief00 »

Mr Natural wrote:
October 22nd, 2018, 3:37 pm
A very cynical view you have there friend, especially as a blanket statement. There's an old saying about women, can't live with them or without them. So presuming you were right (which I don't believe about all women), then what do you suggest? Live without em? According to your theory, what should we all do then? If you think that women are always faking it and conning us, then other than sex you wouldn't want them around very long. If you think the love aspect is always an illusion, it sounds like you are saying simply buy them with cash. Always. No marriage or love or feelings or emotion, just occasional sex and make sure they are gone in the morning. Right? Correct me if wrong, but that's what you sound like.

Live without 'em of course! Not only are they unable to love a man, but there are all manner of risks you assume when you play with this fire.

No, I do not suggest occasional sex.
I suggest non-woman alternatives, of which, at the present moment, dolls are the easiest to recommend. The dolls they are making today are amazing. They look and feel like a woman, and you can have sex with one however often you like sans any of the bullshit.

Yes, you can invest your feelings and emotions in a doll too. Many doll owners discover to their surprise that what they purchased only as a sex toy has become a thing they love and care for. Love only exists in the male brain, after all.
Can a doll love you back? Not any less than an organic woman can.

The fact that real women will only stick around as long as the money valve is open and flowing in her direction should be a rather large clue to men that they are being used. Those who would only keep you around in order to use you do not belong in your life. That goes for men as well as women; both are capable of being illusionists putting on magic shows for personal gain.

If you had a friend who only hung out with you because you paid for his all food and drinks and bar covers, and stopped meeting you entirely as soon as you ceased to do so, was he ever actually your friend?

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