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Posted: March 20th, 2014, 8:52 pm
by droid
zboy1 wrote:As someone that is currently living in China, I can tell you that cold approaching won't work very well in China. Of course, you will have some guys be successful at it, but Chinese girls, for the most part, feel very uncomfortable by men approaching them that way. (Trust me, I've tried and have seen many foreign men fail at it as well...)
Maybe, but they don't have bitch-shields for the most part, so asking a few questions or something won't bite you in the butt.
I don't think the "cold-approach" term/concept even really applies, because they do make eye contact and respond to greetings, etc. Maybe approaching like an American PUA in this sense is what makes them uncomfortable?

I observed an honest smile and polite greeting had decent responses. Of course I'm not talking about getting laid in the second date like the OP etc... I still can't really talk about that.

The list of mind-games, requirements, and necessary scripted-behavior described by the OP is what's making me turn my back on South American women too, in favor of the Chinese. They're so many, it's a different "numbers game", you're bound to have a percentage that are into you. :twisted:

Posted: March 21st, 2014, 11:00 am
by Jester
jmbPtforlife wrote:Well yeah thats a start. However at least you have to do something to introduce yourself and I have meet plenty of cool guys who still struggle overseas. Girls won't walk up to you and say "Hi I noticed you where not black. Do you want to go f**k? " If they did I wouldn't have written this.

Posted: March 21st, 2014, 11:04 am
by Jester
jmbPtforlife wrote:Thanks I met plenty of guys who you would never think would have a problem meeting girls in Colombia with cold approaching and they do. I am all for the cold approach if its your thing. I know a guy or two who do it and do well. However I know more guys who struggle to do it and finally when they do and finally get a girl they won´t leave her no matter what because all they think about is how awful its going be to start dating again.

Doing what I am showing makes dating a lot more fun. At times its a little ground hog dayish doing the same bar first day small talk bullshit but I still really enjoy it.

I will keep the board posted on how it goes in Thailand and things I think I need to do differently and be brutally honest of how I f**k up parts of it.

Welcome to the board, GREAT thread, thanks.