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Well I've been a member of this Penpal site for a good while that I joined up with out of curiosity called And one of the things I've learned about it is that there are a lot of single foreign women that use it. Problem is a lot of them don't seem to want a boyfriend, husband, or don't want to be flirted with at all PERIOD. You've got masses of girls from Japan, China, Korea, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Spain, India, Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, freakin Everywhere! And the lot of them are all seriously excluding relationships off their list of reasons for being on the site.

I'm not certain where Wu comes up with the idea that foreign girls are nicer or easier to obtain in general, unless he's talking about Foreign girls from straight up dating sites, and in person and not penpal sites. I use to think that yes competition abroad would be slimmer between men but on the net, that don't seem to be the case. You've got guys from all those countries I mentioned including countries I did not mention that are girl chasing like crazy. And though I was never sure if anyone that used this site was simply interested in dating Foreign Women for a long-term experience or just Short-Term One Nighters and that was it. I figured yes it would be better to join a dating site where women's full potential would be to date except there aren't many sites for strictly meeting women from Europe except Penpal sites. Most of the dating ones are Mail order bride sites for guys that are trying to get married straight up. Not to mention the majority of the European females are all Russian or Ukraine when it comes down to that. The Penpal site have them from all over Europe not just the most popular places.
But when I joined up with Interpals, I only had one major reason for being there and it was to meet a girl for companionship and it seems like all they want are Language exchange friends, teachers, etc. Most of the European women express interest in Japanese or Korean Culture the most, and yes Foriegn women do speak or know more languages than American females for damn sure. I just never got why most European girls were so damn insane about Japanese culture though. I'm thinking if this is the case, why aren't Japanese men or Korean Guys taking a shot at them? You never see these guys telling a girl she's got nice legs, she's got a great smile, or he's interested in getting to know her more than just a friend, etc. But guys from everywhere else? They've got the American male syndrome to where they'll pursue a woman no matter what, who, or where she's from.

After going through numerous profiles on Interpal I said f**k it, these women remind me of how much I dislike the American ones. What's the point in being on a site where women don't want you talking to them unless it's for language exchange purposes only? Or to simply strike up some lame friendship online. I've been on some of those Foriegn dating sites, and while guys like Wu likes to pretty much chase the Model types or women that look like Models in terms of style and dress. I've never been interested in women that looked like that. I personally don't find long dresses and what not attractive. Hell I've met Gothic girls before, and even they were more interesting looking than the model types. Then again I liked that sort of stuff anyway. So Gothish looking women were an attraction and easier to speak with especially if they were from Europe. When I say Gothic I don't mean as in "Hot Topic" I'm talking about they looked Dark, Poetic, Artistic, but wasn't too Emo to talk to people that approached them.

I like women that don't look like the type of people that may have a shallow personality, but I've learned that style doesn't always justify a persons behavior. A woman can wear whatever she wants and still have a decent personality or attitude about herself. Then you can end up with someone who looks really nice and kind that turns out to be mean, rude, and flat out nasty if you say anything to her at all.

Despite all that, my experiences with Penpal sites have been pretty much the same when pursuing someone and the results? Foreign ladies looking for someone to teach them a different language, though a lot of the times you see comments posted on their profiles on sites like Interpals, and you can see that a lot of guys are cat calling, trying to take a chance at getting with the girl and they are clearly aware that their being flirted with so chances are they'll deny and reject any guy that comes on to them no matter how good he look. Trust me, guys could be posing with their six pack abs or whatever and still get rejected, and you've got some that looked sporty, or fellas lookin like their getting ready for a damn job interview or something, men that look like they come from all walks of life trying to get at a girl any way they can. Perhaps its easier to meet Foreign women abroad if you actually go abroad versus trying to meet them on the internet unless it's strictly a dating or marriage site. Interpals gives people the option to select if their there for friendship, penpal, letter exchange, language, or relationships (Dating) but very few to no women at all have Relationships marked no matter what country their from and trust me...There are a dozen foreigners using that site from nearly every country you can name of off the globe.
If your intentions is to find a girlfriend or a wife comes up, they'll definitely quit talking to you. Although this is not to say that love don't happen on there. It has. I read an article way back where a guy from some part of Mexico met a Vietnamese girl and they got together. Both were quite young though.

I've read plenty of sites similar to this site, that encourages abroad for single men. But I believe that may work out if you happen to go overseas and meet a girl that hasn't been hit on by a lot of men already before whether their local men or expats, etc. With the exception of desperate countries like the Philippines where it seems like every girl and her mama whether it's a ladyboy or female is looking to find a boyfriend or a husband, and doesn't matter if he's fat, bald, wealthy, or broke he's a catch for most of them either way. I'm sure Filipina's are probably the only girls on Interpals a guy could flirt with and convince her to flirt back. It just feels like the worlds most desperate nation for women to look for somebody.

Because seems like any woman who has had plenty of men approach or talk to them whether the guy said something dumb or not. She will have plenty of confidence to turn the guy down if shes from anywhere else which is pretty much why American women are the way they are despite many claims of Feminism being responsible for their Ego boost. But the approach of various men wanting and desiring them also plays into that too. I do what I can to meet women who either have not dated much, or hasn't had a whole lot of guys taking a shot at them. In some cases, that may be impossible if she looks too good to be true. One thing I do know is that..Interpals is not a good place to obtain Foreign girls with dating on their minds unless their in denial about it. Plus it seems like Asian girls from poorer countries are the only girls that go for men twice their age but women in other countries possibly don't, except maybe Russia or Brazil.

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Post by Jonny Law »

-I believe that this will explain much about that site-

Generally sites that women sign up for free and men have to pay are better sites to join.

Thanks and Enjoy
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Post by zboy1 »

It's a good site for Asian men to find White/Black/Latin/Middle Eastern girls interested in them.
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Post by Ghost »

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Post by Paloaltoguy »

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Re: is not a good site to meet Foreign Girls..

Post by eduardobr61 » is the best
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Re: is not a good site to meet Foreign Girls..

Post by nomadphilippines »

heard some good things and bad, similar to any site or anything for that matter
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Re: is not a good site to meet Foreign Girls..

Post by Voyager1 »

Doesn't the name say it all? Interpals, not Intermates. It's a sight for finding pals or penpals. Simple.

One thing I've learned is there are no free lunches. At least not any more. If you want to find a foreign partner most likely you will have to use some kind of paid sight. Avoid pay-per-letter, pay for chat or pay by the minute sites. I know one guy who spent $3k+ on chat and got nothing.

I know of one free site but girls get bombarded with thousands of letters. However, sometimes it works. Another site I know you pay a flat monthly fee and get unlimited communication.

Use caution with any of these sites but don't necessarily do everything on the cheap. You're going to have to meet her in her country and that is going to cost and if you want to bring her to your country that is going to cost. Check out the income requirements for your country.
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