Where Do White Women Prefer White Men?

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Re: Where Do White Women Prefer White Men?

Post by Yohan »

Where Do White Women Prefer White Men?

Interesting question. I was never thinking about that.

But any answer to this question does not help most men anyway. The majority of white women in Western Europe etc. will run only after a certain small selection of men who are 'different' from ordinary working men. The best chance to find plenty of white women waiting is with the rich men, the braggarts, the thugs etc.
Ordinary men are merely used for walking ATM issues, divorce rate is so high - often near 70 percent - best is not even to consider any relationship with a white women in many countries - and not to talk about legal issues... Worst might be USA, Canada, UK but countries in Continental Europe are not much better.

Maybe Asian part of Russia might have still white women who are honest, maybe also some parts in South America, but otherwise?
Not so sure about the Arab world in Northern Africa and Near East, not all there are Muslim and often willing to relocate.

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Re: Where Do White Women Prefer White Men?

Post by Mirpuriboyz »

The white women here like Pakistani men, even Princess Diana had a Pakistani lover, it seems like your race has slowly been diluting on this planet
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