Another success story in the Philippines

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Another success story in the Philippines

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By now, I have been married to my Pinay wife for a year. I decided in early 2015 to travel to the Philippines. I had met many women on Asian dating, and did not know who I could trust, but one who lived in Bacolod stood above all of them. She was intelligent, mature, considerate, polite, and we quickly fell in love.

It should be noted that in the West, women never liked me and never wanted anything to do with me. So I ended up deciding to try out the abroad option as I was later in life but relatively young (in my early thirties). I was also drawn to their Christian side because I am Christian myself, and in the West it is extremely difficult to find a woman who believes in God and strives to live a moral life.

I was insecure because I was not very tall and had a weak chin, so people tend not to notice me or take me seriously. However in the Philippines, not only do women find white guys exotic, especially white ones, but seeing as Filipinos do not look very masculine themselves they are not as harsh and do not expect men who are hyper masculine.

So I just booked a plane ticket, then flew from Manila to Bacolod, and met her there with the chaperone sent my her mother. She was so happy to see me and so gorgeous. We kissed passionately, visited the city a little, met her parents, then traveled to Iloilo as well which is just a short and cheap ferry ride away. It was a success, she was everything I always dreamed of and then more. So much so in fact, that we got engaged, and I came back to start procedures for a marriage.

She was actually very well aware of how Filipinas have a very bad reputation, for being liars and cheaters who exploit Western men for their money or to gain residency in a Western country, to then toss them aside. She was always worried that I viewed her in a dim light or that I would think she is taking advantage of me. She would sometimes ask with a sad face "do you think I am a scam?". I grew to trust her more and more, and have never regretted that decision. I also grew to like her family a great deal, who were all good people and never asked me for money or favors. The most I did was treat them out once the first time I met them, but they also helped me plenty by driving us around and cooking dinner for us.

We arranged for all procedures to get married and did get married successfully, the happiest day of my life. Afterwards we started procedures so she could come live in my country. I know again that this is something that many people on this place take a dim view of. However, living in the Philippines is not an option for me, seeing as I need expensive medication to remain healthy that I could never afford without being on my employer's health care plan. Ultimately, I try to be the best judge of character I can be, and I decided that this is someone that I can trust, who loves me for me, and wants to be married and start a family with.

She has talked to members of my family over the Internet many times and they all like her. She is very eager and nervous to make a good impression on me. I tried doing the same when I visited her family.

As I said in my wedding speech itself, I feel in love with both my wife and their wonderful country. I cannot live there, but I will surely go from time to time. Right now it is winter and I would do anything to be under the sun with her again in this beautiful, laid back country.

We actually went to Davao and Cebu as well, to see more of the country. Personally, although I liked both cities, I was a bit turned off by the traffic and polluted air, Davao being quite bad with the latter. When we were in these cities, we actually visited a few Filipinas who I had befriended from Asian dating, and now they are our friends, and we meet whenever we happen to pass there.

I prefer Iloilo and Bacolod, both which are smaller, have less traffic and are more laid back, but with all the comforts of a modern city. I also like Ilonggos a great deal, they are reserved, welcoming and very helpful.

I have to say that although not directly, Winston was a bit of my influence in my attempting to go abroad to find love, with his posts about how Western culture was utterly corrupt and alienating, and his stories. So I would like to thank him.
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Re: Another success story in the Philippines

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i tried bacolod for a bit, ok place, better to live there with a wife or serious gf then to go there trying to be a playboy
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