Another biased anti-male piece of crap reporting

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Another biased anti-male piece of crap reporting

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This argument as to why more women politicians don't get caught up in sex scandals, but men do may be partially true in theory, but most of the gov't women I've worked with were primarily power-hungry and self-absorbed, who had a hyper-inflated sense of self-worth. They were also not beyond stabbing everyone in the back to get what they wanted. That's just my personal experience of many years. My wife will tell you as well that she'd NEVER work with or for women, if she had the chance, since they're so catty. I'm the same way. It's not that women don't get caught up in sex scandals, but rather that they routinely just get a pass, whereas men don't. Women in the West (and particularly in the US) are not held to the same moral standards as men, and they are allowed to vent and cry and act like immature bitches, and get away with it, because they are "the weaker (oppressed by men) sex".


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amen bro preach it.
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onezero4u wrote:amen bro preach it.
+1 Co-sign.
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