Coming Soon: World War Three

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Post by MrPeabody »

djfourmoney wrote:Throw Zimmerman under the bus, he shot somebody! You do that and guess where you'll end up = JAIL. He almost got scott-free with it based on Sanford's history of overlooking such things.
No you are wrong. Shooting someone does not automatically mean you go to jail if you have a valid justification. Florida has strong stand your ground laws and if the shooter had a fear of imminent bodily harm, the shooting was legal.

This is what I mean about America being very dangerous.

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Post by Taco »

You definately want neighbors that will help you in times of a crisis and the crisis is coming soon.

The Coming War With Iran Part 1 ... ure=relmfu

The Coming War With Iran Part 2 ... ure=relmfu
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Post by OutWest »

djfourmoney wrote:Throw Zimmerman under the bus, he shot somebody! You do that and guess where you'll end up = JAIL. He almost got scott-free with it based on Sanford's history of overlooking such things.

You will see this come out in court, there is a pattern of this in Sanford... The culture of that town is ripe for something like this to happen.

How do you explain the two white dudes that go into a largely black area of Tulsa and shoot 13 people?

Racial tension is high for various reason. First Black President scares alot of White People. Series of unarmed killing of Black Males. Martin is just the latest well-know. Kenneth Chamberlain Sr was shot by White Plains Police, its all on the Life Alert company call who kept the speaker on the ENTIRE time while the cops shut off the tazer camera. Shot Sr with a tazer, bean bag and finally shot him to death, 76 years old with a heart condition = Real Threat, BULLSHIT.

Sean Bell, 46 times? You can't be serious. Oscar Grant, murderer spend 15 months in jail?

So this is a media creation? Elites wanting to stir up shit or is America really just showing its TRUE COLORS?

I think its the latter.... This all goes back to Reconstruction being f***ed up.

I agree about leaving before the close the airports though, I think that's a reality that could happen. That's why I have delayed my visit to Europe until Late Sept.
Race problems in America. Yes, there are a lot of them and a lot of the incidents you mention are no doubt race related attacks. In such cases,
full prosecution is in order. To go further and try to portray it as some kind of collective criminal crusade against blacks is a fool's errand.
The race-baiting puffers like Al Sharpton will not acknowledge that in fact, black on white crime is a much larger issue. The statistics are very lop-sided, though the majority of black crime victims suffer so at the hands of a person of their own race. there is far more black on white crime than the other way around. A white person who goes to someplace like Detroit or Baltimore is an idiot.

Men correctly lampoon most black American women, but fail to see that it is the culture in general- black American culture sucks big-time. If you are a good black man, do you want your children raised in the American black culture bullshit? It's similar with white men who correctly knock so many white women in the USA, as if it is not just part of the culture of which they are a part- part of the problem that is.

Culture transcends almost everything, for better or worse.

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How reputable is that business insider website? I have a hard time figuring out whether or not I can trust certain sources for news like this.
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Re: Coming Soon: World War Three

Post by IraqVet2003 »


1.) FIJI










Personally, if I were able to choose where to go or be in a frightful time like that, it would either be in New Zealand, Chile, or Fiji.

Here's the link: ... urce=email
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