Things are about to get much worse in Australia... (for men)

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Things are about to get much worse in Australia... (for men)

Post by OzGuy »

Recently a woman was raped and murdered in an Australian city (Melbourne). This has made front page news around the world. ... 6483028702 ... 6484726240
In a society where women like Jill Meagher can still lose their lives so quickly and only 6% of rape cases result in conviction, it is promising to see that the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Children has been officially committed to by the state and federal governments this week. The plan is the first of four 3-stage plans that are part of the more holistic aim to reduce domestic violence. In this sense, Jill Meagher was a minority – an overwhelming majority of women who are victims of sexual abuse and violence experience it from someone they know, often in their own homes.

The initial stage of the plan is seeking to target prevention and create an evidence base, whilst raising awareness and generating discussion – two of the most important steps in starting to attack the culture of violence towards women.

Julie Collins, Minister for the Status of Women and Community Services reiterated its importance and provided more sobering evidence around the continuing violence towards women and children.

‘According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in three Australian women since the age of 15 has experienced physical violence and one in five has experience sexual violence – this situation is unacceptable and must be changed.’

‘Eradicating violence against women and their children is a key priority for the Australian Government [and] this first implementation plan sends a clear message about what the government will do as key national priorities over the first three years of the 12-year National Plan.’

$86 million has been committed to the initiatives involved in the plan and according to Collins, major achievements have already been made, most notably the effectiveness of The Line campaign which seeks to educate young adults about boundaries, particularly in relationships. Other initiatives include 1800RESPECT, the National Sexual Assault and Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service and 17 Community Action Grants towards community based activities. ... vernments/

"It's the story of one person, an innocent person, a very attractive young capable woman. It is one person who is like us.

"All the gains women have made are suddenly stripped away - you need a man to protect you." ... 6484916015

This has got me thinking...

Firstly, it makes you wonder if the response would be the same for a 29 year old man who was murdered? Many more men are murdered, and they don't even make front page news. Usually there is a short article towards the back and you never hear about it again.

Although this is a tragedy, why is it concerning for Australian men? Because as per usual in Australia, this has caused a knee jerk reaction by the government to introduce more 'education' for men about "violence against women". This will cost taxpayers $86 million. Of course, no education is given to women about stopping violence against men. Women can continue to do whatever the hell they want and get away with it.

I feel that the coverage of this case is going to make things worse for men in Australia. Women are now going to be even more paranoid of men, and think that all of them could be potential rapists/murderers, thanks to the media and government. This means that more and more good men will be rejected by women, making it harder to find a date. Can anyone wonder why so many men are going crazy and murdering women? I believe that women are the cause, yet the government and media refuse to acknowledge this, because it would make women look bad. Women treat men like dirt in Australia and expect them to bow down to all of their needs and expectations. I'm not surprised that more and more men are being driven to insanity by the women of Australia, especially when many of them have been single for years, if not all their lives due to extremely picky women. I'm guessing this man was rejected time after time by women all his life, and possibly even abused by women. But of course the reasons behind his actions is ignored.

What women (and the government) don't realise is that the more this campaign of "violence against women" is pushed, the more its going to anger men, and the more men there will be who are driven to insanity. These campaigns always make men look like horrible, evil women bashers, while women are made out to be these innocent princesses capable of no wrong doing. Whenever a woman murders a man, it is always justified, and the women is somehow made out to be the victim! Here is a classic example: ... -x2xv.html Why wasn't a $86 million dollar campaign launched about the violence against men after this case (and similar ones)?

If things keep going this way, I feel that there could soon be some sort of gender war in Australia. I am so glad I am now living in Europe where things are more balanced between genders and men are more respected. In Europe its "people" but in Australia its "men and women". In Australia you rarely see women mixing with men, they only ever seem to hang out with other women. In Europe it is much more common to see groups of men and women mixing happily together. The segregation of the sexes is getting worse in Australia by the year, and I feel that more and more hatred and tension is building up. Forget racial riots, I believe we are heading down the path of gender riots in the future.

What do others think?
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Post by romparoo »

OzGuy, I doubt you will get much response on this. This news is relatively unheard of outside oceania. As to 'things are about to get much worse in Australia for men', I personally do not think so. The only trouble I find with this case, is that Jill was out in ungodly hours and her husband did not seem to be quite sure of what the hell was happening until it was too late to do anything useful. So much so for 'independence for women'. Personally I wouldn't want my partner to wander without me knowing much especially during midnight, and I would definitely pick her up and not let her walk alone. Quite honestly, if someone is married, he/she has no business hopping around midnight, unless both partners are present. There should be some form of code of ethics for married couple. Or else why married?

This case aside, I think Australia is and has always been a bad place for men. The main reason is just that Australia is largely an immigrant country, and most people that came are usually married or have partners. If you are still single and way past your education stage, then you're not likely to get a partner locally. It's the same with a recent migrant who came as a single.

There won't be gender war here. Some of the good quality (referring to inner beauty plus an average to above average face) women I have met are actually Australians. Without a doubt, they were snapped up like hot cakes, usually around the age of 18-21ish. And they still remained loyal to their original partners. Anyone above 25, doesn't look ugly and without a partner usually has some sort of bad history like numerous sexual romps with jocks and douches that never materialised into a real genuine relationship. I guess the white knight fantasy doesn't quite work out like in movies. Anyone in Australia who are serious about finding a good partner will need to look abroad, unless you don't mind picking up left overs and supporting them financially and emotionally for the rest of your life.
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