Woman Falsely Accuses Police Officer of Rape

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Woman Falsely Accuses Police Officer of Rape

Post by jamesbond »

This woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated. She then tries to false rape accuse her arresting police officer but fails because the officer was wearing a body camera.

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Re: Woman Falsely Accuses Police Officer of Rape

Post by MrMan »

If assault is 20 years, and this crime would fall under the assault category, they should prosecute her for a crime of making a false accusation with a penalty of up to 20 years.
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Re: Woman Falsely Accuses Police Officer of Rape

Post by Yohan »

USA is terrible but not so different from other Western countries.

False rape allegations are a pain and headache in all Western pro-feminist countries as punishment is very lenient, just something about filing a false police report, a small fine, a few days community service...

It's not everywhere like that however, in Japan the maximum penalty for a false rape allegation is 10 years jail, it is a felony legally considered as a kind of 'especially despicable form of extortion'.

I remember a case in Osaka, where a woman was accusing a totally innocent man for groping in a train and trying to get 'compensation money' in return to retract her accusation to pay off her debts. Prosecutors were asking for 8 years, she was finally sentenced to 5 years jail.

Deliberate false accusations concerning sex-crimes in Japan are rare.

There is also plenty of nightlife existing in the cities and while street prostitution is illegal, it is legal if done within rooms, all people involved are 18+ and nothing can be seen or heard from outside. Nightlife for men looking for short-time girls is by far not so expensive compared to US and EU. Really no need to rape or grope any unknown woman. In general Japan is a very safe place to communicate between men and women.
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Re: Woman Falsely Accuses Police Officer of Rape

Post by Adama »

1. If she has ever made a previous accusation it should be investigated.
2. What if she was about to accuse a non-law enforcement person? Would anyone care? It seems we are hearing about this because she was about to do this to a cop.
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Re: Woman Falsely Accuses Police Officer of Rape

Post by GhostSeminar »

Feminism is encouraging these women to bear false witness. There are tons of those types of women in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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