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Coronavirus from Wuhan, China

Discuss news and current events around the world.

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Re: Coronavirus from Wuhan, China

Post by Yohan »

flowerthief00 wrote:
May 13th, 2020, 11:02 pm
Conspiracy theories revolving around the CCP, however, almost don't count as conspiracy theories. There is no free press in China. Everything that comes from official sources is controlled propaganda. Dissenters risk arrest and imprisonment or worse. There can be no sunshine cast on the truth when no one is allowed to speak what they see or report what they hear. So that place is a breeding ground for real conspiracies to a degree that does not apply to liberal democratic societies.
This is true, we cannot believe any kind of news coming from China, but recently also not from the WHO, which is no longer a trustworthy organization as it is strongly influenced by the Chinese government.

Of course there are plenty of conspiracy theories going on, but so far nothing is proven, just empty talk by some politicians and activists...but these people are totally unable to carry out a proper research about virus-infections.

I post mainly coronavirus related information from medical research of Taiwan, South Korea and from Japan - they have good medical facilities and they do much better than governments in USA and Europe fighting the corona virus infection. By far less infected people in these 3 countries compared to other parts of this world.

I think, medical doctors in these 3 countries are quite sincere in their research programs, there is no reason for them to cover up anything and there is no reason for those governments to restrict the publication of their research data.

There is still much unknown about the corona virus of course, and those data might be corrected after new findings. What is published now is not a final report. Japan is very open-minded regarding press and internet, hardly anything what you might call censorship.

South Korea is especially good prepared as its government is always worried about any biological or chemical warfare coming in from North Korea.
There are large military facilities to deal with such a kind of aggression, same might be true with Taiwan.
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Re: Coronavirus from Wuhan, China

Post by HappyGuy »

May 19, 2020

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Re: Coronavirus from Wuhan, China

Post by Winston »

New episode from Woodward TV about the virus and how it will mutate as an RNA virus.

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Re: Coronavirus from Wuhan, China

Post by Taco »

As Nation Mourns 100,000 Dead, Trump Goes Golfing ... origin=rss

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