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Could Covid-19 be a scam or hoax? Does anyone know anyone who has it?

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Re: Could Covid-19 be a scam or hoax? Does anyone know anyone who has it?

Post by Yohan »

HappyGuy wrote:
November 22nd, 2020, 4:06 am
Yohan wrote:
November 21st, 2020, 11:25 pm
Some countries in Asia are doing clearly better to control a pandemic within their own territory.

Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan show similar low infetion rates....far lower than anywhere in Europe....
You not only believe the faked figures but you believe the Asians when they publicize about themselves? :o
I do not believe them always, for example any information from China has to be verified by any other independent source, if not it is not trustworthy.

I believe however the feedback from various hospitals in South Korea and in Japan, they have no reason to provide wrong information about the actual situation of patients, available beds and so on.

Taiwan and South Korea were always prepared to quickly react to any virus threat, but here in Japan not so much. Therefore infection rate is higher in Japan because of slow and late reaction.

I believe also data from Continental Europe in general, like from France, or Germany etc. as there is a fully operating National Insurance system, however this is missing in I am not sure about data from USA... it depends on the reporting country, it's not everywhere the same.

There is no reason why for example Vietnam should provide fake data, but their medical system is poor and I suspect there is underreporting, they do not know exactly what is going on in suburbs or in rural areas....

However Asian people are very disciplined compared to US-citizens, they take this corona-virus very seriously and try to protect themselves as good as they can, nobody here is talking BS like this virus does not exist etc.

This mindset is totally missing in UK and many Western countries, just ignoring any possible danger of the corona virus and advice what could be done to avoid infection... so of course infection rate must be higher in EU/UK and USA and also Brazil compared to Vietnam, Thailand or Taiwan...

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