Expatriates Living/Working Abroad are Wealthier and Happier

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Expatriates Living/Working Abroad are Wealthier and Happier

Post by Winston »

http://www.shelteroffshore.com/index.ph ... d-happier/

Expatriates Living and Working Abroad are Wealthier and Happier

New official surveys reveal expatriate salaries are higher and that expats living abroad are happier.

Expatriates Living and Working Abroad are Wealthier and HappierIt’s official, expatriates living and working abroad are wealthier than their peers in the UK and happier than they were before they moved overseas according to the latest findings of surveys from The Sun newspaper, The Telegraph and NatWest International Personal Banking division.

Although we can’t say we’re really surprised, it is interesting to have factual evidence to back up a feeling we have long held; and in this article we can reveal to you just how much more contented and better off British expats generally are.

With figures from The Telegraph suggesting that 10 million Brits are actively considering buying a home abroad despite the restricted international mortgage market situation at the current time, and that 4 million UK residents are contemplating leaving their native shores to live and work abroad, expat advice and information sites like Shelter Offshore have never been busier.

According to The Sun newspaper, it’s in pursuit of contentment and even happiness that us Brits long for relocation.

In a recent article in the newspaper examining why Brits are buying homes abroad, it was revealed that a high proportion of people are “hacked off� with life in the UK and that this is a deciding factor in their decision to purchase a home overseas. This fact is supported by evidence from a survey conducted by NatWest International Personal Banking division, the survey’s findings revealed that 81% of people who have moved abroad now feel a greater sense of happiness and personal well-being as a direct result of their relocation.

The bank has also recently surveyed expats and asked them about their financial status. With the average salary in the UK reported to be GBP 47,000 by the bank, the average expat salary is GBP 67,000 with the United Arab Emirates the highest paying location for expatriates according to a recent article in The Telegraph newspaper. If you get a job in the UAE or go and work in Dubai for example, you can expect to command an average salary of GBP 79,000 as a professional employee.

So, not only will you find eternal happiness but you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams if you move abroad – allegedly anyway!!
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Post by ladislav »

The only problem with this article is that becoming an expat for an average Brit is not that easy- what profession can he practice to be an expat? An average working class Brit cannot do it except after he retires and gets a pension. And Britain is expensive- sure, retiring some place warm at 65 is a good thing everywhere. Pensioners in the US are happy when they go down to Mexico or even Fla.

Now, the Dubai example is faulty. Just how many such jobs exist? Getting a package like that is not easy and is only for some people who do certain jobs- investment banking, oil drilling, some kind of other stuff that is required in the Middle East. An average Joe Brit cannot do it. Generous expat assignment packages have been around for the last longest. It is just that they are hard to get.
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