Is it possible to forget your past and move on? Or does your past haunt you forever?

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Re: Is it impossible to forget your past and move on? Does your past haunt you forever?

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Look at this photograph Winston! Look at it! :mrgreen:

Winston wrote:
June 15th, 2020, 2:53 am
I still relive it in recurring bad dreams and nightmares, which are out of my control.

What can i do about that?
If they stopped one day would you miss them? Think about it who would you be if you didn't have a past? Or if your past was better then you'd be a different person. Maybe a better person, but you don't know him you only know yourself. While you're not perfect you still have things you like about yourself right? Well bad things that happened to you made you who you are. So you should be grateful to have had bad times. And you should be grateful to still remember the bad times because it gives you an opportunity to make up for it now. If you didn't have that you'd be less motivated to do so you would just accept the minimum. Maybe you'd still be in the Washington and never have left to travel! Everything happened for a reason it's your perspective and not your life that's wrong. Maybe you were even meant to have that nightmare to lead you to something wonderful but you're so busy getting mad you're not in control that you're throwing it all away. Stop complaining to others online and figure it out. Don't ignore your demons deal with them now not later in life.

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Re: Is it possible to forget your past and move on? Or does your past haunt you forever?

Post by Winston »

This New Age lady and spiritual coach named Christina Lopes seems wise, smart and sensible. I normally don't listen to New Age women, but she makes sense and seems genuinely spiritual. She has some good advice for getting over your past for real. What do you guys think? Does her advice work? Does it make sense? Is she saying anything new?

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