Why Are We Here & Why Do We Suffer? 9 Models of Reality and My Analysis of Them

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Re: Why Are We Here & Why Do We Suffer? 9 Models of Reality and My Analysis of Them

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Comment I posted under a video on the Sanity Machine channel, which claims that this whole matrix is full of nothing but suffering and disses everyone.


To Sanity Machine: I agree that the excessive and unnecessary suffering in this world means we cannot be in a School of Life like New Agers claim. However you need to take into account several things:
1) First, not everyone is suffering all the time. There are plenty of well off people who are living relatively comfortable lives with plenty of money and live in nice houses and have stable families. You can't project your feelings onto everyone since everyone is living different lives.
2) Second, you can't rule out that if you are suffering then you may have bad karma from a past life. That cannot be ruled out and is a possibility on the table.
3) Third, ancient religions teach that the "sins of the fathers get passed down to their sons". Even the Bible says that. So it could be that if your ancestors have bad karma or a curse placed on them, then that would pass onto you too. The bad karma or curse could be passed on to you through your genes. It may not be your fault and it may not be just, but that's the way it is. God may not be perfect and may be powerless to prevent universal law. He does not have to be perfect and may have to abide by cosmic laws too. That's why families like the Kennedys and the Bruce Lee family had a lot of mysterious unexplained deaths, because such families may have been cursed, which affected all family members, even if they were innocent. A lineage will pass on a curse or bad energy.
4) Fourth, there may be a universal law of duality that states that if you had a good life in the previous incarnation then you have to pay for it with a bad one this time around. Just like night and day switches places, because the dualities have to balance. So it might be nothing personal, just a balancing act between two polarities. If you read the Kybalion and the 7 Hermetic Principles in it, it explains this. Without polarity the matrix may collapse so even the gods have to work with it and are not above it.

I'm not judging you or saying these explain everything. But they are possibilities to put on the table and consider because they make some sense.


Sanity Machine, you seem to be saying that whoever runs this matrix or world must be pure evil. However logic says that since good and bad and good and evil exist in this world, that the creator must be good and evil too. Even the Bible in the book of Isaiah says that God creates both good and evil. And anyone who studies Eastern philosophy knows that a duality of all opposites is needed to maintain this matrix, that's why we have day and night and the four seasons. So God has to be both good and bad, he has to be both God and Satan, two sides of the same coin. So isn't that the most logical conclusion about the God or Demiurge that runs this reality? Why posit that he must be 100 percent evil? Isn't that cherry picking and focusing on the worst examples? There is good and joy and happiness in this world too, why do you forget that? Can you explain? This is an honest question. I asked Matt McKinley and Howdie Mickoski about this too, but they didn't reply. Why do you and most truthers always see the glass as half empty? For sure, that's what truthers all have in common, they always see the glass as half empty. The world is full of bad things but you can make choices to only pursue the good healthy things right? That's why wise people would tell you. What do you think?
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