On Karma and Running Away from Yourself.

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Re: On Karma and Running Away from Yourself.

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jamesbond wrote:We have all experienced things which might lead us to believe that we are being punished for something we did in a past life. Maybe Winston did something in his past life that is causing him difficulties with women today! :lol:

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Hey that's neat jamesbond, perhaps you r best graphics work yet. how did you do it? did you photoshop each frame or is there an automated tool/site for it?
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Re: On Karma and Running Away from Yourself.

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As for Karma, it is called reaping what you've sown. Or it is a part of the plan God has for your life. Wherever you go, you can not escape it, because you can not escape what you have done, and you can not escape God's plan for your life. Some of those bad things are meant to make you a better person and to purge you of impurity, or to grow spiritually. Some of it is just a sign that says, "Don't do that", or "Don't go here." Pay attention. Whatever it is, it is probably blatantly obvious what is going on. You just never considered it a divine revelation or a divine punishment. But once you begin to see the patterns throughout your life, you should eventually come to realize what is happening.
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