Need help with virus on my computer

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Re: Need help with virus on my computer

Post by eurobrat »

Rock wrote:My laptop has been infected with a stubborn program - Qone8. I've tried various anti-virus programs but none seem to work. Most don't even seem to detect it. But one, SpyHunter4 identify it and give me the chance to delete it. But very soon, it always comes back.

I've manually removed it from all my browsers but it seems to infect the registry in many places. I don't wanna mess with that cus I don't know what I'm doing.

It's a very annoying program because it causes my computer to be very slow and often leads to Internet pages not loading properly. Does anyone know a way to completely remove this program and all it's remnants so that my laptop can return to it's regular speed and stability?
Get a Mac.

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Re: Need help with virus on my computer

Post by momopi »

I have switched to Mac for home and in-law's. My mother in law used to call me every few weeks to fix her windows PC. After I gave her an iMac she calls like maybe once every 6-12 months for tech issues. So far no virus or malware problem encountered on the Mac.

iMacs are not portable but tend to have lengthy supper from Apple with OS updates. As of this writing I think all metallic/silver iMacs are still supported by latest OS. So if you bought aluminum iMac in 2007 it will still run OS 10.11 provided that you have 2GB (4 GB preferred) ram installed.

Macs are expensive new, but they depreciate in value quickly. So buying used Macs can save a lot of $$. I paid $600 for my upgraded 27" iMac couple years ago.

I still have a couple windows boxes at home. I used VMWare to make VM's. If something blows up I just delete the VM and copy another VM from backup. I think you can still download 30 day trial version from their web site.
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