Why do PC Liberals hate/deny genetics so much?

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theres no doubt about the existence of strong genetic differences among races of people, but these differences are only superficial, equivelent to different brands of the exact same machine. how important are the tasks we carry out with our machines (bodies) other than the basics? are they important in and of themselves or do we only give them importance in an attempt to gain an illusory sense of self-importance?

all the ills of humanity come down to the emphasis on our perceived differences and not on our true similarity that we are all the exact same in the essence of our experience, only superficial differences present themselves through time due the illusion of seperation presented by our consciousness i.e. self and the other. liberals may claim this stance, but they do so without a notion of its true implications which will have to become common sense among people before the willful implimentation of multiculturism can be veiwed as being other than ill-informed at best, insane at worst.
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One card-carrying Communist here to answer your question.

The reason is that this is not a politically neutral subject. Throughout history every attempt has been made by the elite's servants to convince the population that whatever happens to be the undesirable social fact that people are challenging or questioning is irrevocablely rooted in God/Nature (same thing). This 'works' for three reasons, firstly it convinces those oppressed that they can only seek an internal solution to alleviate their suffering (like Buddhism) thus securing the desired outcome (passive cooperation) from them. Secondly it serves to recruit willing servants for the elite from among the oppressed, as they are convinced that the present system represents God/Nature's order and the mercenery motives of their masters are hidden from them. Thirdly it disguises the true mercenery motives of the elite from it's own members by transferring their loyalty to that of the Truth which allows them to exhibit altruistic individual sacrifice for the collective selfish interest of the entire elite.

Whenever there is unquestioning acceptance of sociobiological theories for instance then then this situation favours the above mentioned agenda. Therefore it is very important that we tear holes in sociobiological theories whenever it is possible to do so.

Believing that as many things as possible are socially determined rather than biologically determined allows us to change things more easily. If one can argue that what is so is only so because of the way that society is structured then one makes it is hard to defend an undesirable state of affairs without quite rightly feeling guilty for it. So for the left is the very important to stress the socially determined nature of as many things as is plausible and only accept the absolute minimum of biological determination because the more we concede to biology the more we concede to the Status Quo.
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