Should White men defend random White women from Negro rape?

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Re: Should White men defend random White women from Negro ra

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OutWest wrote:
Kradmelder wrote:
Yohan wrote:This is a nonsense thread. What has this to do with race of a man or a woman?

Nobody can force you to help somebody directly - there is absolutely no obligation to help personally in case it might become dangerous for you too.

We know cases where people who tried to stop a violent dispute between a man and a woman and in return these people trying to help were attacked violently by both, the wife-beater and his girlfriend. You cannot expect any thanks for helping in some cases, but facing even resistance. No need to risk to be injured.

My opinion - do not interfere directly, but why not to call for help, inform the police, a phone call while you are watching within a safe distance - I see no problem with that.
When a thread is totally nonsense, like flat earth, most rational people don't post in it. You post here, so it is not nonsense to you. I agree this thread is not relevant to race (except what i said above about jewish morality) but it relates to your morals.

Have you heard the one about where evil prospers when good men do nothing? I guess you have made your position clear. It is someone else's problem. I am the someone else people call. Even when it is domestic not crime, although as part of a security company non paid I should only respond to violent crime. I have been shot at by drunk upset women etc. Threatened by wife bashers etc. One time our security patrol was called for a domestic due to shots fired, and i recall lying with my partner behind a wall while some drunk woman fired shots at us and was swearing at us. i burst out laughing. My partner said what is funny I said here we are, 6 armed men cowering from a woman when i can take her out with one shot. :lol: The next day she was so ashamed. Should we have left it for her to shoot people and face life in a kaffir prison? Should we turn her firearm in to the police so the next kaffir can rape her and kill her when she is defenceless? I guess morality is easy for you. walk away and leave it for 'someone else'.

I dont want thanks. That is not the reason to do something anymore than will that woman sleep with me. I do what any decent man should do no matter what race. I do not call 'someone else'. Unless I need back up. if i call, none of them will give your response. They are all good white men and will assist. Calling the police here these days is a waste of time.

No one can force you, Ja, die Waarheid, but as a good white white man with a conscience and duty to God, Volk, and nation, you will not be 'watching within a safe distance ". That is what is expected of jews and "........". fill in your own description.

It seems you have the most lucid and traditional male attitude. There is something these other posters are missing. The exact state of the woman involved, whether the contributed to it or not, does not much matter to me. Apart from the action on the woman involved, there is another crime taking place. The perpetrator is saying that any other men around are of no account. He can commit this act and other men are impotent to stop him. Its profound disrespect. Well, I have some laws. Around me, certain things do not happen. I dont much care about the circumstances involving the woman- around me you can't do things that are generally disrespectful to humanity. Im really not thinking about the police. Im well past 50 and I really have no taste to grapple with some punk when three quick rounds from my handgun will take care of things. Its a lot less savage then doing it by hand, Establish reasonable fear for your life. Terminate the threat. Disrespectful punks deserve what they get.
In this case, a gang rape, establishing reasonable fear and self defence for a single middle aged man confronted by a gang of violent savages, defending a defenceless person, is a done deal. No policeman will do more than the minimum and will secretly cheer, and no prosecutor will pursue it. Such an opportunity to remove a gang of savages from society for only the cost of some lead with almost certain no repercussions is not only good man's duty, but is almost a pleasure as well a great service to society. the law here, and Im sure in america is similar. Using a hand gun in self defence you only need to make the case that a reasonable man would feel the threat of grievous bodily harm. A gang of violent negroes for sure will constitute that, even for a negro magistrate. Just don't empty an entire magazine into them as then it becomes more difficult to prove intent is self defence.

Law here is that any time you shoot someone it is an automatic case of murder or attempted murder, even for policemen. But this is a formality. Nothing comes of it when there is obviously no case. The times we have have shot negro thieves, hijackers etc, not one case was ever made or went further than taking statements. The cops just remove them and take the details and statements, and that is that. The world is just one little bit better. In fact they prefer if it is a corpse as it saves them listening to his lies that he only came for a drink of water and whitey shot him for no reason, and then they must take him to first class medical care at tax payer expense.

It is frequent in the news here when a lone white man stops a crime simply by standing up and using his firearm because a gang of criminal darkies are arrogant enough to think no one will do anything.

Bystanders getting involved and taking out these savages is normal here ... g-20150910 ... ouglasdale ... er-2067109 ... n-20120202

There are so many of these they are just a paragraph back page news. One of these is even a lone white woman.

White people here do not have the morality of 'it is someone else's problem'. Or the victim must deserve it.

Every good white man, Christian or not, has the duty to stand up for his volk, and his fellow man, even when they are not white. If a white man doesnt take a stand, who will? Are we to let this savages behave as they please? The next victim could be your wife or daughter. if the savage must live in fear of a bullet or a good hiding if he carries out his desires, he will think twice.
57% stated that they feared armed citizens more than the police. Every year, armed citizens legally shoot 4 times more criminals than do policemen.

A South African study in 1994 by John Mann of SAGA researched 206 cases of Armed Private Defence (not including police or military personnel) reported in the Gauteng area. In summary, he calculated:

677 attackers to 246 defenders/victims (ratio of 2,75 to 1).
81% of attackers had weapons, 71% had firearms.
36% of attackers were killed or arrested by the defenders.
64% of attackers fled.
Only 8 armed defenders/victims died (confrontational survival rate of 31 to 1).
No bystanders/innocent parties were injured by actions taken by defenders.

In his conclusion, Mann noted:
— Potential victims can expect multiple attackers.
— When an intended victim has used a firearm in defence, 4 out of 10 attackers were killed or arrested, 6 out of 10 attackers have run away.
— When an armed victim resists, the chances of surviving the attack are increased by 31 times.

On 25 July 1993, five APLA terrorists attacked the congregation at St James Church of England in Cape Town, South Africa. In about 8 seconds, the terrorists had killed 11 people and wounded or crippled 55 as they fired directly into the packed congregation and hurtled handgrenades into the middle of the church. Only the prompt action of Charl van Wyk ended the bloodshed. Drawing his .38 revolver, this church member fired back at the terrorists, wounding one. The heavily armed terrorists immediately fled. The police publicly praised Charl's prompt action, declaring that many more would have died had he not returned fire so quickly and accurately.
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