Assaulted woman in strip club' by throwing money at her

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Mr S
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Assaulted woman in strip club' by throwing money at her

Post by Mr S »

Now even throwing money too hard at stripper whores is being considered assault in America! :roll: :x

R&B star Trey Songz arrested after 'assaulting woman in strip club' by throwing money at her

Read more: ... z2FEDRRpZQ
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Teal Lantern
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Post by Teal Lantern »

Roll of pennies? :P
не поглеждай назад. 8)

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Post by terminator »

This is ridiculous! The proper way to handle this trivial complaint is to DENY ever throwing the money. The cops didn't speak to him for a month so the witnesses would be long gone. Guys must smarten up and deny it or say nothing. Let her prove it...
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Post by ILoveBlackAmericanWomen »

Trey songs is rich so he probably threw a good amount at her. If she was smart she would of picked it up and went about her day haha.
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