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The True Story of what happened to Earth.

Discuss Anti-Feminism, Men's Rights and Misandry.

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The True Story of what happened to Earth.


Now you may not believe this, but have an open mind and THINK about this, because this is actually TRUE.

Once upon a time ALL Earth people lived in Heaven.
There was no suffering, they never got old, they did not have bad health and they were all Happy.
Then one day, some of the women started showing signs of feminist behaviour and they turned into what they called "bad tempered old cows". The Men divorced them and got rid of them and threw them out of the house and they removed their children, because they were scaring the children.
And all the women who showed signs of feminist behaviour were THROWN OUT of Heaven.
Now some of the Men did NOT divorce them or throw them out of the house, but they listened to them and tried to placate them and pacify them, and when the women were THROWN OUT of Heaven, they wemt with them.
So the Heaven where Earth people came from divided in two.
The feminist women who were THROWN OUT of Heaven, and the Good women who stayed in Heaven.
The Men who divorced the feminist women and got rid of them who stayed in Heaven and the Men who listened to the feminist women and tried to placate them and pacify them when they turned into a load of bad tempered old cows, who went with the Bad women.

That is what happened.

Now the AIM for the people of Earth is to get back to Heaven.
So being Anti-feminist is GOOD.
That is RIGHT, you should be anti-feminist.
And the aim for the women is to be as NOT feminist at all.

Anyhow there is a lot more to it than that.
Angels became involved to help the Men throw the feminist women out of Heaven.
And feminist women caused a huge HEAP of ugliness and suffering on Earth, but thankfully it was Earth where they did it and not the Heaven where you came from
And the Heaven where you came from carries on.
It is still there.

UP THERE somewhere.
MUCH higher than Earth.

The women in Heaven are not feminist at all.
They honour the Men and respect the Men and are very nice and very polite to the Men.
The Men are in Charge and the Men Rule the World and the women do not interfere with that in any way.
And the women NEVER interfere in any of the Men's Professions or Sport or any other of the Men's places.
The result is that they live in Peace and Harmony.
They have no Bad Health or old age.
And they are happy.

Now if you want to go to Heaven, you must be able to live in that kind of Society without ruining it or spoiling it for the others.
If there is any sign of feminism, or any sign of women being dominant over Men or threatening the Men in any way, they are not allowed into Heaven.

How long you stay on Earth is up to you.
But we do not tolerate that kind of behaviour in Heaven, and it is that kind of behaviour that causes suffering and it caused all the suffering and misery and ugliness on Earth.

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Re: The True Story of what happened to Earth.

Post by MrMan »

Is this the mythology for a manosphere religion that draws on beliefs from L. Ron Hubbard and Mormonism?
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