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Why Women (and Cucks, Simps, and Blue Pill Trads) Hate MGTOW

Discuss Anti-Feminism, Men's Rights and Misandry.

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Re: Why Women (and Cucks, Simps, and Blue Pill Trads) Hate MGTOW


As you go through life and think about things and get closer and closer to what is Right and the Truth then you can see more and more how Bad and how Wrong and how Evil women are. You start by disliking them, then you hate them, then you absolutely Despise them, to the point of wondering if they actually ARE the Devil! And maybe their inferior bodily form is the form of the Devil and God removed their penis.
Eventually you appreciate that Men can do perfectly well without women and Men would be much happier without women.
The main difference when there are no women is that there is no suffering, no old age, no ugliness and no filth or cancers or disease.
In fact, when there are no women around it Is Heaven.
So if you live with women it is Hell.
But if you live without women, it is Heaven.

Which would YOU prefer?
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