The Rockefellor's and CIA funded feminism...

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The Rockefellor's and CIA funded feminism...

Post by redfeather »

I have sent this to many of the young guys that I know to mentor them about how all of this happened in America.
The Rockefellor's and the CIA funded Ms Magazine to help build the frenzy of feminism in America.
They did this for two reason's to break up the nuclear family and to get the women to divorce rape their husband and kids.
By getting the women to divorce rape the husband and kids they get the women out of the house chasing some career, so they get to tax two incomes and build more wealth for the government to blow on useless liberal programs.
I tell young guys that it is pointless to try to form or build any family with any American women because she will find some reason to cheat on you and then go file and divorce rape you and also divorce rape her/your kids lives in the process.
What is sad is that the bulk of these women are not smart enough to see what their own government did to them by promoting feminism.
The government got them to embrace feminism, and divorce rape their family, and in the end many of these women end up alone and with a bunch of cats and dogs.
This is all out there for anyone to go read, but I will post links.
This is also why men are going overseas to search for women that have not been poisoned by the cancer of feminism.
Here is a video by Aaron Russo...

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Re: The Rockefellor's and CIA funded feminism...

Post by Cornfed »

Yes, it is not as if the CIA or perhaps even the Jews created feminism, but they sure did exacerbate it to serve their purposes. I blame the baby boomers generally too. Feminism was crucial to keeping their Ponzi-based economic system going.
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Re: The Rockefellor's and CIA funded feminism...

Post by Neo »

As far as I am concerned, feminism is the same as Satanism.
Salvation is the free gift of God simply for believing that Jesus is the Son of God, and it can't be lost; the only repentance necessary is the change of mind from unbelief to belief, because salvation is not about turning from sin because it is without works. Jesus, the Savior kept all the commandments in absolute perfection for us, ∴ salvation is without works, and He died for our sins, taking the eternal penalty for us.
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