12 Reasons NOT to get a Dog - Why are Americans so crazy about them?

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Re: 12 Reasons NOT to get a Dog - Why are Americans so crazy about them?

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@have2fly ...Yessssss zoophilia/bestiality with canines is a thing now with AW. I think that's where so many STDs come from: THE AFOREMENTIONED.
I went into the deep web one day....doing the Tor thing...(I'm on a nice tunneled VPN with 99.999 percent of ports locked so don't even try it members and guests)...and man the deep/dark web is another level out there. All this clearnet b.s. is not even 30 percent of the websites out there LmAo!!!! :lol: :+1:

I digressed; I went into the dark web Tor one night, and I saw videos of AW getting rocked out by their male canine bareback/raw. Ewwww all that doggie spooge emitted into their arse with no worries in the world of anything.

It's no wonder why so many Americans (mainly the females) have STDs and don't go to the doctor due to probably being enrolled in extra-PPO shitty medical co-pay plans and just pass it from host to host from coast to coast.

This is why my boy Don said he never goes raw in America but he lives the Ron Jeremy-Peter North-Sean Michaels-Nat Turnher lifestyle abroad full-stop of never using a condom...never catching anything.
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