I was so pissed off today!

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I was so pissed off today!

Post by NorthAmericanguy »

I was listing to a talk radio show today as I was driving around, and it was some kind of investment talk show program where people call in and ask for advice, and this young white guy called in, and said he saved up a good nest egg and that he wanted to know if it was a good idea to use that money to pay off his fiancees student loans and other debt that she racked up before they walk down the isle.

Well, the host of the show told him that it was a GOOD IDEA to pay off HER DEBT! He told him to do it!

WHAT?!! I was so pissed off!

Guys, you DON'T even think of MARRING a women if she's in debt because it will eventually become YOUR debt, furthermore, you don't PAY OFF her debt! EVER!

Come on guys, you think any b*** is going you pay off YOUR debt? I doubt it. You think a b**** is going to even appreciate that you paid off HER DEBT? I doubt it.

So, the end game, and the likely reality is that this poor sap is going to pay off her debt (if he goes through with it) and marry this b***, then later on down the line come home to a "Dear John" letter that she loves him but she's not "in love" with him anymore. He's then going to be OUT of his nest egg (NO REFUND) and maybe even broke, all while his X wife is hopping up and down on a new C**K.
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Post by onezero4u »

amen forget that shit
marriage is a 3 ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and then suffering.
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Post by NorthAmericanguy »

American men need to man UP! If a B**** got problems, it's not your job to come to her rescue!

You think I'm cruel, then watch who comes to your aid the next time your chips are down or YOU NEED HELP!
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Post by momopi »

The first question that he should've asked is what the interest rate & terms on the student loan is.

My student loan's interest rate is 2.11%, and I have very little incentive to pay it off early.

If I were married and my wife was carrying loans at >12% interest rate, then yeah, I'd consider looking into paying it off, or consolidating it into a lower interest rate loan. Last I checked, 30 y fixed rate refi is at <4%.

If your wife or live-in GF is the financially irresponsible type, then you need to take charge of the finances and put her on an allowance.
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Post by aozora13 »

The best answer to this problem is to realize men help women with most of the problems she should have fixed herself. Basically she took the loan to help her finish school. Most likely she does not have a great degree and the 'guy' who has saved money from being responsible, living within his means has to bailout his girl?

You have got to be kidding. There are more problems from this women who has problems with managing her finances; especially for school. The guy should tell her to pay her own debt or he should break up with her.
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Post by Winston »

Well then don't listen to those stupid mainstream shows. Was the host a guy or woman? Was it Delilah? Don't waste your time with those shows if they are just going to piss you off. Just listen to your favorite music, whatever moves your soul.
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