Why is a guy always alone but women always have friends?

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Why is a guy always alone but women always have friends?

Post by Temprano26 »

Seriously, have you ever seen a woman sitting alone when she goes out? I can't find it. A woman is always with much of the time a large group of friends whereas a man is always alone.

The larger point I want to make is that guys don't have any loyalty to each other anymore. I used to go salsa dancing every Saturday. I asked a friend to come with me and he said, "No, I am working Saturday. I should be working right now". Everything about him said that he was completely oblivious to how I felt. Going out alone sucks but I never let that stop me. I still tried to go out, sit at a table, enjoyed having a drink, talked to women but often times I was tired of being there alone and I was tired of people with their stupid preconceived judgments of a guy who is alone. Having 200 friends on facebook means absolutely nothing when all of them are virtual and nobody can ever be there in person.

What really pisses me off about that friend who is no longer a friend is that he never understood why I was pissed off or depressed or why I was happier in Costa Rica. Before I went to Costa Rica I was alone going out and dealing with judgmental vacuous people treating me like I didn't exist and that is the crap treatment I got when I came back. He has been married so long he has no idea what it is to be a single man trying to talk to women or the BS we have to put up with.

Why do guys leave other guys hanging like that? Why do women always have friends to go out with and a man has to face adversity alone?

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Post by bladed11 »

Women have it too good. They don't care about how men feel. They are incapable of caring. In the U.S even your own mother doesn't care about you. Ya she might act like it but you can often tell where a persons heart is by actions not words. She will always care more about her daughters. It's a female supremacy thing. We are to toughen up and be emotionless drones. Or else we're just weak. How long will it go on?
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Post by Contrarian Expatriate »

It has been said that women are overvalued and men undervalued in American society. That rings with much truth.

If you travel outside of the manosphere, you will encounter just the opposite. That is precisely why I advocate emigration from the USA, but seldom to guys take that advice to heart.
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Post by droid »

Excellent post, totally identify with it.
It must be clarified that this is in the states, as the title makes it sound more like a global thing. It's a bit misleading.

Asking a male "friend" to go grab a beer or to some event feels like fricking asking a girl out for a date, WTF? If you're not one of his "types" (i.e. thug-bro, Harry-Potter-dresser, etc), or business related, it won't happen lol. And if there isn;t something they need, they will never, ever, call you. Weird.

Again not to bad mouth America as older folks are very nice, there is general politeness, and a nice sense of humor, as I've mentioned before, but it's never really personal.
The best, or rather only real male friends I've had have been foreigners. Other than that it's just 'acquaintances'.

At the same time, it's such a tidal wave of chumps over here that I'm not really interested in male friendship anymore. It's time to switch gears and get female companionship overseas.
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