Why won't Asian Students answer my questions?

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Why won't Asian Students answer my questions?

Post by El_Caudillo »

This is something which I have learned to deal with over the years, but still sometimes rankles me. I've taught English to South Americans, Europeans and (some) Arabs, but never had this problem. Here in Taiwan 50% of my students suffer from zombie-mode and 50% are excellent at answering my questions. In China and Indo there was about a 75% zombie rate.

So...why when I ask a question do they always take half an hour to think about it before they can answer?..even when they are the 10th student in the class I'm asking exactly the same question?

Why will they never get that I'm asking them the question not because I want the right answer, but because I want them to produce and English sentence? They are unsure what I want they will just answer 'yes' or 'no', Actually I think this is just an excuse and they are too lazy to answer properly. I often tell them I don't care about the topic or their opinions but 'I really want you to give me a sentence so I can help you with your spoken English'.

If I sometimes don't get an answer about a topic after multiple tries I will ask them what they want to talk about. Often they will suggest we stick with the same topic. Why? Because they are too lazy to think up something they want to talk about.

Often when asked a question, they will say 'I have no idea about the topic'. This indicates their belief that the teacher has chosen an inappropriate or uninteresting topic - but whatever the topic this is their point of view.

Now being experienced, a bit older and fairly good at their language, I often tell them that they are being pathetic. I risk my job by doing so, but I trust that I'm right and it is better not to let the frustration simmer. By the way all my students are adults working in good jobs with foreign bosses. To be honest I don't have a lot of sympathy for them at times...I'm happy to help them but I think they overplay the confused, I'm not sure about this angle.
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Post by Ghost »

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Re: Why won't Asian Students answer my questions?

Post by Johnny1975 »

Maybe they don't know what you're saying. Try asking in asian.
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Re: Why won't Asian Students answer my questions?

Post by zboy1 »

Asian students have no creativity; it's the school system in Asia that is the main cause of this problem. You see, in Asia, teachers are the ultimate authoritiy. Most Asian teachers don't know the meaning of having fun, or teaching creativity and individual thinking. Teachers basically order students around, and they must obey. So, it's basically as follows: 'Repeat after me. Now it's your turn.' Or, 'follow this example in the way I showed you, or else.'

It's a problem that occurs with Asian Americans and overseas Asians as well. They're taught not to think for themselves, but only obey their teachers and get good grades. Creative, 'outside the box' thinking Asians such as Winston, Baoning, Falcon and I, are a rarity in our race. That's why Asians will never be the world leaders at anything until their mentality changes, and we become more individual thinkers (which I don't see happening anytime soon).

So, basically, don't bother teaching Asian students any lessons that require a ton of creativity, because they can't do it. Make it fun, simple and entertaining, but too much individual thinking makes Asians unable to comprehend anything. Sad, really...
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Re: Why won't Asian Students answer my questions?

Post by Jonny Law »

The reason is because you are a shitty teacher.
But keep your chin up.
Stay positive and cheerful.
You suck at teaching but you can improve.

Thanks and enjoy
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