I am tired of the West, I want it to collapse, to burn to the ground

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Das verlorene Reich
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I am tired of the West, I want it to collapse, to burn to the ground

Post by Das verlorene Reich »

Okay so just a quick rant after months away from the website.

With the plandemic the situation just got even worse than the hell it already was. To be honest I really don't even get how that pile of shit we call society still holds up together. It seems people just got so emptied by porn and McDo and Netflix that they don't even have the energy to start a civil war despite every group being at each other's throat.

So why do I say I want that shit to end?
- Feminism and social media turned all women at my place into entitled whores, so I can't find a suitable girl. I am so tired of it I went to hookers. And guess what the Russian girl I had sex with was kinder with me than any Western cunt I dated ever was.
- Propaganda is all around. Living in a White-dominated Western country is living a perpetual psyop, literally every TV show, every popular music, every add on bus stops is f***ing INSANE propaganda about feminism, racism, covid or an incitation to alcohol / porn.
- People are crazily unware of ANYTHING about themselves, the environment around them and society. They are all good sheep reciting the credo. Feeling nothing thinking nothing. Some have eyes so void I feel more empathy for animals than for them (like really most Westerners are worse than animals in every way).
- All life is centered around BIG CITIES that are ugly, polluted, overcrowded, plagued with violent gangs, everything is owned by a handful of big companies and finding enough money to escape that hell is nigh impossible for the average male.
- Being a white male is just the last thing you want on Earth, you get daily reminders about how women want you to die, POCs want you to die, and every misdeed that ever happened since the dinosaurs is your fault like wtf.
- TECHNOLOGY which is basically the shit that allowed all the above, I use it because I have no choise but hell give me a girl and a lost house in some remote forest and GET THE f**k OUT of any internet for ever. EVERYTHING in the Western world passes through screens. You can't do anything anymore without it being on a f***ing screen. So I wonder what are the ultra rich going to do with that bunch of useless obese dumb assholes that live in all the Western cities? Is some "6 million genocide" in the packages?
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Re: I am tired of the West, I want it to collapse, to burn to the ground

Post by Tsar »

@Das verlorene Reich

I agree.

About the Russian girl you had sex with:
1. How could you visit Russia during Covid-19 because Russia closed it's borders to most nationalities
2. Was she a regular girl, or a escort/whore?
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Re: I am tired of the West, I want it to collapse, to burn to the ground

Post by Moretorque »

Well they do have those BOOMER's wandering the oceans, they could just have them all pop up at the same time and erase all the cities world wide and take most of the planets ills with it.

Just a suggestion that may work.
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