If anyone on here is near the San Antonio/Austin, TX area...

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If anyone on here is near the San Antonio/Austin, TX area...

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I have a new model of Nintendo Wii (It is NOT backward compatible with GameCube games) that I am selling for at least $200, but no more than $250. This is what the Wii will come with:

One Black Nintendo Wii Console (New Model)

One Wii Nunchuk (Black)

One WiiMote Plus (Sky Blue)

One Sensor Bar (Wired)

One Sensor Bar (Wireless, USB Rechargeable-- you can use a Standard USB cable to charge this)

6 AA Batteries (for the WiiMote)

1 Rechargeable Battery Pack

1 Charger for Rechargeable Battery Pack

1 A/V Cable

1 Power Cable

1 Copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (with Music CD that originally came with it)

1 Copy of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

*1 Ethernet Cable (25 ft.)

*1 Ethernet Cable USB Connector (For the Wii)

All of these items originally cost me more than my asking price, so this is a great deal! Also, since I want you to feel like you're getting your money's worth, I have over 50 DVD movies (not counting the two Blu-Ray movies I have, Dragon Ball Z Seasons 1, 6, and 9, and the entire Dragon Ball GT series), and I am going to throw in some of my movies at no extra charge! If you're interested, call or text me at:

(409) 454-1209

so we can discuss the matter further!

Or, if you have a working Nintendo 3DS (either Aqua Blue or Pink) with a Charger and are willing to trade, then I am willing to knock the asking price for my Wii down to no more than $100.
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