Interesting article about European Racism and Asians

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Interesting article about European Racism and Asians

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Post by zboy1 »

There are some very good responses in the Yahoo Answers comments section, especially this one:
Yes and no. It depends on *where* in Europe.

Some parts of Europe are very racist towards Asian men or Asians in general: Italy, Spain, Greece, for examples. Other European countries are more "friendly" towards Asian men: France, Germany the Netherlands, and Sweden, where you would see plenty of Asian men and local white women. Of course, Dutch and Swedes have always been more liberal, open-minded than the more conservative, closed-minded white Americans.

As a general rule: Western countries with English-speaking Anglo heritage -- which include the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, grouped together as the "Anglo sphere" -- have a long tradition of hostility towards Asian men dating as far back as the Gold Rush era. All five Anglo countries had some variations of anti-Chinese and anti-Asian laws, which were absent in non-Anglo Western countries. Anglo cultures have a very peculiar relations with East Asians. It is in Anglo societies where you see white men with Asian women all the time (as if chasing yellow tails is some sort of racial conquest) but almost never Asian men with white women. Among the Anglo nations, Australia is the worst of the bunch. Canada is becoming more accepting of Asian men but is still pretty bad compared to, let say, France and Sweden. So, steer clear of the Anglo Five and you should be fine.

I'd say if you are an Asian man in one of those five Anglo countries, and you are attracted to white women, then your best course of action is to travel overseas to Europe, Russia, or South America, where Asian men are in demand or at least not at the bottom of the totem pole. Try your luck over there. People had told me that Italy and Spain were racist as well, but I had better luck with Italian and Spanish women than women in America and Canada. Go figure.

Europeans can be racist too, but their racism is directed at Arabs and Muslims (who are the "Asians" over there,) gypsies/Romani and Jews. The most disgusting form of racism I know exists in Europe -- it is the bigotry towards gypsies. It is the worst kind of racism that you would never see in the USA. I have also heard some very nasty things about Jews from Germans and Russians, who still dislike Jews these days. East Asian men are just (fortunately) spared from the bigotry in Europe.

My point is: non-Anglo Europeans may treat Asian men better than Americans, English, Canadians, Australians and Kiwis. However, that does not mean they are not racist. They are actually worse, but just not towards East Asian men. Then again, if you are an East Asian man, how Europeans despise and mistreat Arabs/Muslims/Jews/gypies is not your problem. Arabs/Muslims/Jews/gypsies are certainly not going to fight for your better treatment in America or Australia. (In fact, Jews and the media are responsible for Asian men's situation in the Anglo zones. The reason why Europe, Russia and South America treat Asian men better is because those places have certain degrees insulation from the English-based Asian-men-bashing mass media that is centered around Hollywood.)
The comment about Hook-nose Hollywood being responsible for the negative representation of Asian men is spot on, too.

I would avoid Southern Europe and Spain, but Northern Europe (sans Anglo U.K.) seems okay for Asian men. In Europe, the Europeans are too busy hatin' on Gypsies, Arabs, Jews, Indians/Pakis and Turks to care about East or Southeast Asians. I know this from having lived in Europe for some years...
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Post by starchild5 »

Asians have not done much either to integrate Europeans into Asia.

We Asians can become Actors, Doctors, Nurses, Billionaires, Engineers heck we can even open strips clubs in America and Europe and most we give to white people is to be an English Teacher.

The richest Britain and Europeans at one time Laxmi Mittal, Hinduja are Indians. Some of the world famous singers in middle east are Persian-Swedish. All Black super stars in Football etc etc.

There are 100s of Asian actors in America, How many are like White Bruce Lee's in Hong Kong from America?

We are whiners of the worst kind and TAKERS...We never give anything..We want to take everything and then cry racism. We are good at playing the Victim Card like ohhh...We are poor, if we let them in, we loose all jobs, not if we let them in, the talent of white people and their education background could actually create more jobs.

Europeans will love Asia and make us equal, If we give them something to relate to...There is no integration...No Actors say David so and so from Spain, Italy who made it big in China or hong kong or japan or Philippines.

Its so freaking hard for a white guy to make it in Asia...The truck loads of visa and degrees you require to make it in Asia or get married or hope your mixed kids make it...

Name one White Guy...Who is a Super Star of the level of what Bruce Lee was in America in Asia. NONE...ZERO..NADA...

Respect is earned..Not cried for...

How many white guys are your neighbours without marrying a local women and are allowed to do whatever sh**t he wants.

White People Just Can't show up in Asia and be what he really wants to be....Asians can...Illegal Immigrants in Europe get more respect than Legal White people in Asia.

White People Can't dream big in Asia...Asians Can in Europe and America.

I'm Asian and I deserve racism and hatred from white people as my kind haven't given anything back to Europeans to relate to at present.
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Post by starchild5 »

We Asians are really deluded. Change comes from within...We need to take the initiative.

Asians can even become freaking senators and congressman in Anglo Sphere countries... ... d_politics

Can we imagine in wildest of our dreams.... a white guy becoming the senator of Philippines... :)

What can a white guy do in Philippines...except getting laid or getting married or becoming English teacher or opening business in the name of her wife or renting out condos etc etc....Can he bring the change....Can Ghost being cheated in Philippines decides to do something about it and run for elections after becoming a citizen of Philippines staying in for 5 years etc like many Filipinos have done in America.

If Ghost became the Mayor of Manila....I'm never leaving Philippines :)..If any white guy takes a position where he can bring change in Asia...I'm moving there....for ever...

You want respect in Europe...Earn It...Give white people the chance as Asians have in Europe.

I would agree with racism if white people would be allowed to run for senate and mayor in Philippines or Thailand or Korea or Japan or India like tons of Filipinos are in America.

Just read Thailand related forums and the frustration white people go through to get settled in Thailand.

We Asians are chronically deluded cry babies..We never give white people a chance in Asia and we go to their countries and want about playing the Victim Card to perfection. :)

I don't think small d**ck jokes were invented by white people...It was by Asians to gain sympathy and play the victim card :D :D ...We love feeling sorry for ourselves...

I have no issues whatsoever if Europeans show racism towards me...I accept it...I deserve it....I will complain about racism..If my senator in my state in India is a white guy....and he has equal rights as me in my country.
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