Switzerland: An ideal society and truest democracy?

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Re: Switzerland: An ideal society and truest democracy?

Post by Winston »

Wow check this out!

http://blog.dilbert.com/post/1515994215 ... witzerland

"I also asked the Swiss man what kind of problems they have in Switzerland. He laughed again. The answer is “none.” Literally.

Good economy.

Plenty of jobs.

No racial strife.

Low crime rate.

Highest standard of living.

No real pollution.

No litter.

No homeless that I could see.

He also told me that it is illegal to build a mosque in Switzerland because they don’t want to change their national character, which is 95% Christian he estimated.

[Correction: Switzerland only bans minarets, presumably for architectural reasons. Mosques are allowed.]

He said (and I did not fact-check) that the Swiss allow no immigration at all unless the person has special skills or marries a citizen.

And the gun ownership in Switzerland is 100% for adult males. That’s their militia. Yet crime is low.

[Correction: The government issues guns to males between the age of 18-34. Ammo is strictly controlled.]

Make of that what you will. It’s simplistic to think that a total ban on immigration plus a high level of male gun-ownership helps Switzerland have no real problems. But you can’t rule it out, either.

Trump is trying to make America a bit more like Switzerland. Clinton is trying to make America less like Switzerland. Spend a day in Switzerland and tell me who has the better plan. This country is amazing."
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Re: Switzerland: An ideal society and truest democracy?

Post by Eric »

Ideal Society my ass. Switzerland is a feminist uptopia, along with other Nordic countries...it is the worst. No ideal society.
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Re: Switzerland: An ideal society and truest democracy?

Post by Kradmelder »

Switzerland is the drug capital of europe and filled with drug addicts. is that ideal?

All that socialistic BS, we are equal, feminist, rules and regs for everything, including crossing the street, has made the swiss so bored with with life that they take drugs for a thrill. I am sure you probably even need to apply for a permit there to fart.

Switzerland is also the suicide capital of europe

I guess people must be so bored there, they would rather off themselves than spend another day in this socialist paradise where the government must provide.

Maybe what they need is a few million darkies to start killing, raping and stealing to wake them up out of their stupor and bring them to life. It would also give them a chance to use their government issued firearms, which they haven't used since the 1600s.
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Re: Switzerland: An ideal society and truest democracy?

Post by Soulthinker »

If a man is rich or knows German,French,and Italian the country is his oyster. I had visited the country and it is indeed enjoyable. However,only rich men with a major skills can get a Swiss woman.
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Re: Switzerland: An ideal society and truest democracy?

Post by momopi »

Winston wrote:Clarification: The swiss italian guy told me that in Switzerland, you can keep the guns you acquire in the military. But you cannot go to the store and buy one.

https://www.google.com/amp/amp.usatoday ... ent=safari

Other than few exceptions like Vatican City, most European countries have gun stores where qualified residents may purchase firearms & ammunition for recreation.

Show your friend from Switzerland this:

Hmm. 1,000 rounds of 9mm for 260 Swiss franc. Not bad.
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