How hiring really works

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Re: How hiring really works

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Ghost wrote:
OutWest wrote:
Ghost wrote:Doing well these days to get a minimum wage shit job stocking shelves as a white male. The thing is, one or two bad policies we could survive. We can't survive an onslaught of bad policies PLUS the fact that nothing we have is counted as a positive. Perhaps in the "good times" things still worked out because there were enough jobs leftover for the rest of us regular guys. Now we have everyone scrounging for an ever decreasing pool of increasingly shitty jobs, and most of the jobs are going to women, blacks, and other protected groups. The white males aren't allowed to have anything that helps them get the job. Everything is counted as a negative. There's no way to survive that.
This thread ignores the fact that most jobs are to be found with small business. These are not bound up with all these preferences and other BS . in a small business capacity I have hired perhaps 80 people over the years and I am beginning to do so again. I pay little attention to resumes until I have a face to face. If I like you based on that exchange, I then look for any gross contradictions in the resume. Weak resumes can hide a strong employee.
I hire for attitude. . you can talk your way into...or out of a job, based on your quality of engagement.
Do small businesses not have to obey the forces of PC/AA and other liberal trash? What's the threshold for that? My hometown is less than a dot on the map, the biggest employer (as far as I know) is the Wal-mart, and I never found any small businesses like that, although there were some little, old stores that were family owned and operated I think, but with far fewer than 80 employees. Places you couldn't work unless you were a member of that family. The main time I saw any "help needed" signs was around the holiday season. For me, it came down to having to move either to a new state in the U.S. (very unlikely) or moving abroad (which for me was easier than moving domestically.) This is why I say for the younger men, expatriation can be a matter of life or death.

There are a number of onerous regulations that bite if you have 50 or more al lot of businesses are structured around this. Some also avoid having government as a customer for similar reasons.

If you live in a small dead town, you have to move...and with limited money... Overseas may be more appealing.
The teaching gigs that you are preparing for would be hard to match in terms of life impact within the USA. Within a few years of teaching in Asia, you should have seen quite a bit of the would hope.

Asian women are hyped too much... But still...there are opportunities with women in Asia that you can never have in the USA. Don't stop till you find that niche....some corner of the world that fits just right...even for all its warts. A poor place like the Philippines often has a lot more food for the soul...often things that white american women will never on their best day grasp.
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