Family Values

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Family Values

Post by abcdavid01 »

This is something I find quite ironic about Socialism. The Socialists are often (rightly) maligned for destroying the family unit, but traditional families are inherently Socialist. An infant can't be expected to care for itself, after all. Before civilization, we lived in tribal systems which were very egalitarian. I think they just want to replace the family with society. This is the meaning of the phrase, "it takes a village to raise a child." Obviously a return to tribal values in wider society would lead to a collapse of civilization though. So I think families should have values of solidarity and altruism, but when these values are applied to wider society as the Socialists desire it just leads to a lack of human progress.

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Post by mguy »

What's the question?

Traditional families are inherently Socialist. How you arrive here?

Socialist in USA is associated with liberal thought. With liberal you have friction against traditional structures.
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Post by fschmidt »

There is nothing wrong with solidarity and altruism in society. In fact all major religions promote this. The Torah is a clear example. The problem with Socialists is that they think they can legislate solidarity and altruism. This doesn't work.

Conservative capitalists are equally misguided in believing that capitalism can work without some solidarity and altruism. Pure selfishness will destroy any system. I recommend reading The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism which explains how religious morals made modern capitalism possible.
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