The Evil Empire

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The Evil Empire

Post by gsjackson »

I've spent the last three months in Romania and Spain. During that time I can't remember once looking up at the sky and not seeing jet trails in both countries. American, of course. It was the same in Poland.

The warmongers who rule over us -- Zionists, defense contractors, rogue intelligence agencies, economic predators -- facilitated by the corporate media and all their bought-and-paid-for pols, such as the Clintons, are the essence of evil and the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. Profoundly evil and profoundly stupid. The Empire has us in perilous times.

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Re: The Evil Empire

Post by Adama »

Most people don't recognize the situation. The USA doles out money to foreign nations to get them to live by American rules, and the USA has a boot on the neck of almost every nation in the world. This is in essence a worldwide empire, based upon vassal states.
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