Why does no one advocate ARMED rebellion/revolution anymore? Isn't that the only real way to change things?

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Why does no one advocate ARMED rebellion/revolution anymore? Isn't that the only real way to change things?

Post by Winston »

There's something I don't get.

Why do Americans say that it was right for the colonies in 1775 to refuse to pay taxes to King George III, but they would never dare say that it was ok to refuse to pay taxes to the IRS today? Isn't that an obvious double standard? Especially since taxes in America today are much higher and worse than under King George III? That logic doesn't make sense and is inconsistent.

Also, why do Americans say that the armed rebellion of the colonists against the British army in 1775 was justified and a good noble cause. However, they do not dare support any armed rebellion against the tyrants and oligarchs and bankers that run America today, for fear of being branded a terrorist and locked up. Even the leaders of the conspiracy/truth movement and patriot movement, such as Alex Jones and David Icke, do not advocate armed rebellion, only peaceful resistance and non-compliance, as if an armed rebellion is a taboo and totally forbidden and immoral? Isn't that a huge double standard? The logic makes no sense and is contradictory.

The thing is, if someone wants to change the system, it would logically seem that an armed rebellion is the only logical course of action, since no tyrant or oligarch would willingly give up their power or give the people much freedom. That's impossible and never happens. So force is the only way to change things, logically speaking.

In this case, in America today, corruption, tyranny, taxes, freedom, power of the people, economy, money system, banking system, debt, inflation, crime, etc are hundreds of times WORSE than under King George III in 1775. The average person has no power or control over his own life, not even in his local community. And corruption is off the chart, even worse than in the 1960's and 1970's. As Donald Trump said, "The swamp must be drained." There is no democracy of people, only of corporations, which are the only entities that have a voice in the political system. The private central bankers have enslaved the people into debt, destroyed the value of the dollar, caused inflation to make the cost of living ridiculously high, and issue currency via a private banking system known as the Federal Reserve with no accountability to the public. The politicians are corrupt with no morals, and no one has the power to change that. And the US Constitution is gradually being eroded while people are losing their rights and freedoms. Etc. The country is run by shadow governments - such as the CFR, NSA, CIA, Bilderberg, Freemasons, Illuminati, Bankers, etc - that have no accountability and can do whatever they want with no checks and balances. And the media is now totally controlled and have a uniform opinion and hive mind. And power is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands since the beginning of the 20th Century, and especially after WW2.

So you see, things are far worse now in America than under King George III. In fact the America of 1775 was thousands of times freer than today, in terms of personal liberties, rights and freedoms that is. Even under the British Constitution of that era, the average citizen had far more rights than he does today.

So in that sense, an armed rebellion today is 1000 times more justified than in 1775. There's simply no comparison, So why are Americans so gutless and cowardly to believe that armed rebellions are NEVER justified. Yet they claim that the one in 1775 was? That's a HUGE hypocrisy.

Obviously the reason is because they are chickenshit. They know they could go to jail and be branded a terrorist if they support an armed revolution in modern America. But it's ok to praise the one in 1775 because that was in the past and not relevant to the powers that be today. Plus people live for comfort and safety today. They live for consumerism now and are addicted to their smart phones. And they are conditioned by the media to be paranoid too, so they do not dare take risks or try to change things in this world. out of fear. Thus they are weak and divided and can never unite like people in the pre-industrial era could. They have a lot more to lose in an armed rebellion because it means giving up their material comforts and consumerism, compared to the farmers of the 1775 American Revolution, who had nothing to lose but their farms, and no consumerist lifestyle to live for.

Plus, today the government has tanks, machine guns, jet fighters, bombs, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, military drones, lasers, energy weapons, EMF weapons, secret weapons you don't know about, etc which no militia or people's rebellion could ever overcome. Unless of course, such a people's rebellion could somehow convince a large portion of the US national army and military to join them in their overthrow of the system. If the US military participated in both sides of a civil war, then such a rebellion may have a chance, especially if a significant portion of US military forces ally with the rebel side. But of course, this is all totally taboo to even think about or discuss. Doing so could brand you a terrorist and throw you in jail.

But alas, it's taboo nowadays to advocate violence of any sort. So the elite have already won, by convincing everyone that pacifism is the only way to go, whereas violence is always wrong, even if it's a just cause. Of course, the elite and powers that be themselves are allowed to use violent measures if necessary, but not the common people and masses of sheeple of course. It's a double standard, but there's nothing you can do about it. So they've effectively won and covered all their bases to prevent any uprising from ever overthrowing the system. So they've already won and we've already lost. There's no point of any "resistance" by Alex Jones or Mark Dice or any patriots, because as long as the same cabals are in power, they will always be there and always win. No pacifist resistance will accomplish much or change anything. Game over. We've lost. They've won.
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Re: Why does no one advocate ARMED rebellion/revolution anymore? Isn't that the only real way to change things?

Post by snede »

I think it is coming. You might want to check out the events of April 19th, 1775. That was the first time that the colonists fired without being fired upon first. It took a while and the "Intolerable Acts" before the colonists took the fight to the King's soldiers. We aren't to that point in modern day America. Yet.
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Re: Why does no one advocate ARMED rebellion/revolution anymore? Isn't that the only real way to change things?

Post by CodeHarder »

Modern populations are pacified, domesticated, tamed. The state has recourse and blank cheque to exercise all the violence it wants. Individuals however, as opposed to the state or the authority must surely be in error.

To be fair, I have to disagree with the violence I see. People have a problem with their masters and so they kill innocents rather than going for the heart.

On the other hand, if someone wants to actually take the fight to the man and all the advantages he puts in his way, I'm not going to stand in the way.

I'm not so domesticated that I'll be a human shield for Toffsworth the Eight.
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Re: Why does no one advocate ARMED rebellion/revolution anymore? Isn't that the only real way to change things?

Post by Cornfed »

Yeah, it is really stupid that modern opponents of the ZOG seem to be the only actual pacifists in history outside the Amish, Mennonites etc.
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