Democrats running intelligence agents for office

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Democrats running intelligence agents for office

Post by Cornfed »

This is an interesting phenomenon. It seems that the ZOG figures it may lose control of its appointed puppets and so is now running its own agents directly in elections. I suppose this is an encouraging sign.

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Re: Democrats running intelligence agents for office

Post by gsjackson »

The video states that many of these candidates have military intelligence background, and in the Q anon world these are the white hats who are colluding with Trump to bring down the Deep State. It can be a bit confusing: NSA = military intelligence, who yes, have all the information about everyone, and will use it to bring Deep State malfeasors down. Therefore, Snowden is a black hat CIA operative who was trying to discredit the NSA white hats, a true traitor.

No one ever said the ZOG was going to be easy to sort out.
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