Is ending affirmative action enough?

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Is ending affirmative action enough?

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I think we could all agree that all affirmative action should be ended immediately and those responsible for it along with the recipients should be worked to death doing futile tasks such as carrying water in leaky buckets, but would that entirely fix the problem?

There are situations where current aa recipients such as females might be hired on apparent short term merit but which will over the long term make things much worse. For example, Ed Dutton has pointed out the inclusion of females in science will keep genius men out and then make the whole industry hostile to them and science in general when the females gain power and promote their values of credentialism and political correctness. There are various entry level jobs that can be done perfectly well on a permanent basis by females (software testing, certain repetitive machine operations), but that prevents talented men from getting a foothold in the industry and prevents innovation from the factory floor. The inclusion of blacks in various industries leads to corruption, general criminality and puts people at risk.

When sanity is restored in white countries we are going to have to just say that certain professions are restricted to white men and tell others to GTFO if they don’t like it. This whole Enlightenment equality bullshit just doesn’t work.
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