Anyone going to Thailand this Year?

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florida johny
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Anyone going to Thailand this Year?

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I live in Central Florida. I am going to Costa Rica again around April or May. I have never been to Thailand but plan on going latter this year.
I am interested in meeting women in Clubs that are between the ages of twenty one and thirty five years old.
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Re: Anyone going to Thailand this Year?

Post by jerryrigged »

I've been there for years. I'm back in farangland now (the west). It feels great to have so many women interested in you. It really does. All they want is money. Thais are the absolute worst bloodsuckers. If you want bar girls, as it sounds like that is what you are after, you are going to need to keep your head and wallet handy. Keep the big head in charge of the small head at all times. Keep track of your money like a rock hound. They will squeeze every penny they can out of you. That is their goal. Right now they are VERY thirsty. Even more thirsty than you are. Don't mistake this for horniness or real interest in you on a human level. Thai girls who leech from foreigners are MASTERS at deception. I have no idea what the status is right now in Bangkok. However, I think nana plaza and soi cowboy are still operating, on a minimal basis. There's about 10% of the girls that are normally there. Any p***y you get will be paid for. The Thai clubs are all non-starters for you as a foreigner. Guys like to lie and brag that they get on well in non-expat clubs but they are either extremely good looking, rich, or just completely full of shit. There are hookers in the expat bars as well as the Thai clubs. You won't find hookers in hotel lounges like you see in Mexico and latin america so forget about that. Nothing is that easy in Thailand. When I was there the average was about $100-200 for the whole night. Also a bar fine of at least $30 going upwards to $200 for the real scam clubs. Tilac Bar is probably the best bar in the entire country, or it was before covid made an impact. Thats on soi cowboy. Forget about pattaya right now. Its a stinking crimepit due to covid. All of the good is gone from pattaya and left nothing but Russian drug dealers and girls with HIV etc. Doll house in soi cowboy is also a good bet. Suzy Wong and Jungle jim are nice if you just want to drink and get friendly with girls but not really take any back to your hotel room. You can get laid for absolutely free if you go to Esan (Northern Thailand). These girls are long haulers after your money though. They will have sex with you but their eye is on that marriage prize. Most Thai women dont even want visas to the west anymore. They just want your money. Its better for them if you stay in Thailand and support their family. I dont know what else to tell you about Thailand. Its a beautiful country but you need to have your head screwed on right the entire time because there are so many pitfalls you can fall for. The same kind of scams are there as they are in Colombia except probably even worst. Just go and get your willy wet and try to come back in one piece.
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