ROK international meetup day (for Rooshv fans)

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Re: ROK international meetup day (for Rooshv fans)

Post by Will N. Dowd »

That video was in a different city than I was in. If feminists and their pathetic mangina beta orbiters want to cause us trouble to push their nonsense, we or ROK should start organizing feminism sucks meetups worldwide, and see how they like it. Start advertising them and even if we don't meet up, let's start causing them headaches, and keep rescheduling them and changing the meet up points, but then never show up. Keep doing that until they give up protesting. We can have meetups in private but advertise them as being in public.

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Re: ROK international meetup day (for Rooshv fans)

Post by Everdred »

I went to the Return of Kings international meetup in Tokyo on Saturday February 6th, which was at the location that was originally listed before the cancellation. I wasn't even sure if anybody was going to show up, as of course it had been officially canceled, but I figured it was worth a shot. I live in Ibaraki prefecture myself, which is a neighboring prefecture of Tokyo, so it wasn't exactly easy for me to get to the meetup - a two and a half hour journey from my apartment to the meetup location.

I showed up to the venue almost exactly on time, 7:58 PM to be precise, but I struggled to find the exact meetup spot, as there was no picture provided and the description was somewhat vague. I spotted another white foreigner kind of looking around half confused in the venue, and he gave me that look like he knew we were there for the same reason. I approached him and he asked if I was "looking for a pet store," and at that moment I knew we were good to go. After introducing ourselves we continued looking around the venue for the precise meetup spot, and we finally settled on a spot that kind of matched the vague description from online. What happened next was totally unexpected.

The guy I was with asked a nearby security guard (in Japanese) if he knew of any "glass structures" at the venue, as we were supposed to meet in front of a glass structure. Everything seemed normal at first, but then out of nowhere two policemen approached us, and started asking us questions in Japanese. The guy I was with politely answered their questions on our behalf, as my Japanese speaking skills are pretty much nil. At this point, I wasn't nervous at all, as I just assumed they were chatting about something harmless and unrelated.

Next, the policemen started aggressively searching our pockets and bags, and I could tell the guy I was with was becoming incredibly nervous. As this was going on, about three to four more people showed up and started surrounding us. I guess most of them were also policemen, but one of them was wearing plain clothes and started asking me questions in English. He was holding a notepad in his hand, and he was asking me questions like: "why are you two at this location at this time," and "are you just in Japan for tourism," all the while he was going through my bags and pockets. The man then said to me: "there a 'suspicious meetup' that supposed to happen here at this time, and we want to know if you are involved with this." At that point, I was pretty certain we were about to be arrested or that the guy I was with had set me up or something. We both just played dumb and said we were waiting for a friend to show up. All I had in my bag was camera equipment, as of course you all should know by now I'm a photography lover, so that helped me play the innocent tourist angle.

After about two to three more nerve-wracking minutes, they just let us go, and we got the hell out of there ASAP. We kept wondering if anyone had showed up before or after us, and if so, what happened to them. Also, what would have happened if we had admitted that we were indeed there for the "suspicious meetup"? All I can say is that I never would have expected something like that to happen in Japan. The local police were waiting at our meetup spot, so that should tell you how far and wide this whole media nonsense, and ROK itself, has spread. Anyways, we eventually made our way to a nearby restaurant/bar where I ate dinner, and my meetup partner had a beer.

Turns out he's a thirty-something American guy from California who's been living in Tokyo for five years and has mostly worked as an English teacher during those years. He was a pretty decent guy - calm, well-spoken, very physically fit, and knowledge-some about Tokyo. He doesn't post much on Roosh V Forum, and I myself don't even have a username there, but we're both pretty regular readers of ROK. He had never heard of Happier Abroad at all. Since he hasn't traveled very much, but I've traveled extensively over the past six years, I shared my knowledge of what else is out there in Asia, and he gave me a lot of info about living and working in Tokyo, as I might consider living there in the near future. We also talked a bit about weightlifting and nutrition, seeing as we're both interested in that. Of course we didn't even remotely discuss legalizing rape, illegal activities, or any of that other nonsense.

We enjoyed our chat, and we called it a night after a few hours. And since I stayed in Tokyo over the weekend, we met up again at a nearby bar in Akihabara the following night, and had another thorough discussion. I could definitely see us meeting up again some day in the future. I felt it was worth going through all the effort for the meetup, as I made a solid Tokyo contact and a potential future friend. But the police presence at the meetup spot was a surprise and pretty scary to say the least.
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Re: ROK international meetup day (for Rooshv fans)

Post by Yohan »

I am also living in Tokyo since many years, I am not much interested in RooshV, never signed up there, nor did I have any information about a possible meeting somewhere in Tokyo.

I wonder where this place was located in Tokyo, any place where usually never a Western foreigner is showing up?

I think somebody gave the Japanese police some information and asked them to check this place during that time, maybe from Australia or from USA/Canada. - I never heard about Japanese men interested in stuff created by RooshV.

There was an idiot-guy however, Julien Blanc and not RooshV, who was banned to enter Australia and who made movies about his PUA activities in Japan. ... canada-747

And there is another crazy guy, banned in Australia, but I do not know if he ever entered Japan. ... m8r3r.html

Maybe this is the reason that Japanese police was checking you both.
Unlike other countries, Japanese police has the right to check and search everybody anytime in a public area even without any reason.

There are often searches for illegal stuff, drugs, porn, guns, knives and so on when they see foreigners, not only white foreigners, but Asian foreigners too and often they also question Japanese people, especially those on bicycles during evening time.

I was also stopped and searched sometimes when going home after office hours, sometimes they had no idea that they stopped a foreigner, as I am using my motorcycle and helmet. Only after being stopped they realized that I am a foreigner, but anyway they searched everything...


I do not think to arrange secret meetings using codes etc. in Japan make any sense. This makes you suspicious. Just arrange meetings openly. You are not doing anything illegal.

Nobody can forbid a foreigner to meet a few other foreigners somewhere in a family restaurant or coffee shop etc. in Tokyo and to discuss about RooshV or similar stuff, and I doubt any Japanese feminist will show up to disturb such meetings, Tokyo is not Toronto. Maybe a foreign woman, but I do not think so. This city is large and even if, there is nothing what such women can do anyway.
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Re: ROK international meetup day (for Rooshv fans)

Post by chanta76 »

What's the goals of these meetup ? Is it just social or is there a long term plan.
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