New HA-minded Clique Forming in Los Angeles, CA

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New HA-minded Clique Forming in Los Angeles, CA

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I am living in Los Angeles and I want to start a clique, a group of people who are friends and have similar beliefs, attitudes, etc.

We will try to attract as many similar-minded people to us. We will attract healthy, feminine women who want to produce babies and be "in the kitchen."

We will meet and create videos about what a good woman is, etc.

We will make videos with the women and gain viewers and subscribers on social media.

The main thing I want to promote, is being healthy (mainly by eating the right diet and avoiding toxic substances) and maximally reproductive. I want to promote sexual reproduction and everything associated with it, such as accosting women, dating women, sex, making love, how to have an ecstatic childbirth, etc.

PM me and let's get started building a huge movement of men who are real men and women who are real women.

BTW I also want to promote getting to know women extremely well before having sex. I want us to all go through a dating process that lasts at least a month, every single day, of the women cooking, cleaning, and doing everything they are going to do after the wedding (not legal marriage necessarily). They have to prove that they are a good woman and desire to form a life-long relationship, and the sex will be secondary. Also, getting to know and trust the person more is what causes the sex to be heavenly and insanely pleasurable (I've experienced this before).

I want to go out on the street and record us interacting with women, and bringing them into our group. People will watch us online and want to see what we do each day.

Every single day, I want to make progress building our group, attracting women to us, gaining more territory, a bigger house, etc.

BTW I live in a room in a building and I am allowed to have guests over during the day, so you could come over and we could edit videos, etc. You could sleep here too, temporarily, until you get your own place. If we make videos of us talking to women every day, we will get many subscribers, donations, etc. and will have the money to get a bigger apartment. I want to get a big apartment, or a house in Vegas, and we will have many women hanging around us and being good women and going through the 30-day process. Each man attracts as many woman as possible.

When each of us has the money, we will get our own houses.

Eventually, I want to build our own city where each man has his own house with land and the ratio of men to women is like 1:10.

Alright, I'll talk to you soon!

BTW here is a video of me accosting women in Downtown L.A. (if you haven't seen it already). And keep in mind that this is DTLA, which is not a good place; there are many homeless people nearby, camping on the sidewalk. So the people around here are not very happy and joyful. We have to get out of here into a better location, like the beach. It only takes 1 hour to get to the beach by train, which costs $100 per month, or $1.75 per ride. BTW in this video, the Whole Foods security guard I think is totally wrong because I went to the city hall and a representative got on the phone with a city attorney who told the representative that "there is no such thing as a private sidewalk" and that all sidewalks are public, unless the entire street is closed off. So security guards lie a lot, or don't know the law. I like the challenge though, of trying to make these people happier and more joyful.

Right now I am healthy and feeling good, so I think my personality (now) will be more energetic and fun...because in the video, I had lower energy. - Live The Best Life Possible!
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