American college campuses are the WORST places to find a girlfriend!

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American college campuses are the WORST places to find a girlfriend!

Post by Mercury »

In America, you won't find love at Starbucks. You won't find it at a library. Not at a bookstore, not at a shopping mall, not at a bar, not at a nightclub, not at a beach, and not even at a spring break party.

But the worst place any man could ever think of finding love is an American college campus. That includes local community colleges, university colleges, and graduate school campuses. And especially now that it's a capital felony under Federal law for any man to interact with a woman in a non-business manner in the United States, security at American college campuses have really been putting their foot down on male students for statutory stalking.

Compounding it farther, American college campuses have become the most violent places in the world, most of them even more dangerous than Baghdad. More than 95% of American college students today are in gangs. All American college campuses are absolutely overwhelmed and overrun by violent gangs, like the Latin Kings, MS-13, Los Zetas, the Gangster Disciples, and the most destructive and terrorist one of all, the Outlaws Motorcycle gang, which has directly perpetrated innumerable acts of terrorism worldwide, including but not limited to 9/11, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Dormitories are no longer safe anymore as they are common targets for shootings, homicides, robberies, and extortions. Shootings also occur day and night in classrooms, in hallways, and outdoor areas. American college campuses have themselves become a massive blight in the community. Why else do you think the music at college night at nearby bars is nothing but violent hard core rap?

Additionally to all of that, you can hear the plastic immaturity any time an American college woman speaks. Women as old as 21 acting like spoiled 5th graders. And you can tell that almost none of them have matured past 5th Grade, 8th Grade at best.
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Re: American college campuses are the WORST places to find a girlfriend!

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I agree that college campuses are terrible places to find a girlfriend.

Not sure about all the stuff regarding violent gangs though. Although I do think frats act a lot like gangs, there wasn't any homicides or robberies at the college I went to.
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