The Idle Hands Theory

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The Idle Hands Theory

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From the Anglo Bitch website

Inceldom, Mass Shootings and ‘Idle Hands Theory’

In the US, nearly a third of all men under thirty have not had sex in a year. Including those men who exclusively use sex workers, that number is probably closer to half. Entitled girls and women dismissing such a high proportion of young males as sexual partners inevitably breeds feelings of resentment, making North America less stable than comparable societies. Mass shootings are not a simple matter of sexless young men shooting women or 'sex havers', however; while true incel shooters certainly exist, most shooters are incels by accident rather than design. That is, they are not deliberately targeting young women (or promiscuous 'sex havers') in the manner of Elliot Rodger or Seung Hui-Cho. Rather, they exemplify what I term the ‘Idle Hands’ Theory of mass shooting: that inceldom frees them to pursue a more general vengeance against those they resent or despise.

So what is 'Idle Hands Theory'? When a young man is enjoying a sexual relationship (and the greater fulfilment this brings), his ‘idle hands’ are much less likely to act on his natural male desires for vengeance, violence, notoriety and so forth. Remove that sexual relationship from his life and the same young man is suddenly ‘free’ to go after his classmates, work colleagues, black/white/brown people or any other target group he holds a grudge against. Indeed, crime statistics show that single males are ten times more likely to kill someone than males in a relationship. In sum, ‘Idle Hands’ Theory explains why North America increasingly resembles Liberia or Mexico rather than a stable post-industrial society; unchained from social responsibility by their inceldom, sexless young men are free to ‘act out’ vengeance fantasies that would normally remain firmly in their heads.

In sum, raising the proportion of sexually-disenfranchised young men to the levels typically seen in unstable, vendetta-based societies has made North America far more vengeful – an obvious outcome, from a rational standpoint.
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