American women are jealous of foreign brides

Discuss what's wrong with American women. Share problems, experiences and stories about them and why they suck so bad that you've had to resort to dating abroad and foreign women.

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Re: American women are jealous of foreign brides

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China is great, all the gutter oil you can eat and meh, who needs lungs or that feeling that you ever truly fit in, or the feeling of valued by the locals over something other than free English lessons or potential Guanxi. ... s-of-2013/
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Re: American women are jealous of foreign brides

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marklambo wrote:[youtube][/youtube]

Here's a clip from the Montel Williams show talking about the "mail order bride" industry. We all know that there's no such thing as "mail order brides" since you're not actually "buying" the women but if you notice in the clips that all these feminists bitches keep claiming and assuming that those guys have "purchased" the women. They also automatically assume there are abusive and barbaric acts towards these foreign women that have been brought here by the guys. Total ignorance...

One of the women from the audience was saying how women have fought long and hard for their rights and how it's basically wrong for a man to go out there and try to find a woman abroad. You can really see the hatred in these ugly feminists . Notice how the old lady who's divorced asks why can't men on dating sites just look for women in other states.

This clip was interesting to watch but also irritating at the same time. American women just can't bear to see men in America happy.
What a coincidence.

I was going to discuss this topic. I could not stand that AW who said that there are 'nice' women in the States.

But, truly men can meet nicer women in Ukraine, the Philippines, Colombia, Dominican Republic, etc. I know because I went to two foreign countries.

A man can meet more women who are nice overseas than he does in United States.
I am so passionate about foreign women and international dating that I have created a blog called:
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Re: American women are jealous of foreign brides

Post by Nell »

Western women are just moronic, miserable cunts.
Even the most feminine woman from any western nation is equal to the most androgynous woman an any non-western country.

Men age like wine, women age like milk-Tom Leykis
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