Which race is the least desirable to American Women?

Discuss what's wrong with American women. Share problems, experiences and stories about them and why they suck so bad that you've had to resort to dating abroad and foreign women.

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Which race is the least desirable to American Women?

Post by Arabian_prince »

Id say Blacks. I dont have numbers to back my claim up , but from what i saw through profiles on Match.com.
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Post by HouseMD »

The general consensus I have seen in past research was blacks and Asians of Indian descent. Asian men in general take a hard hit on most of the dating site research I've seen.

Black women, on the other hand, fare the worst on the female side of things, while Asian females receive the most attention.

Here's one of the articles I've seen on it in the past:

http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/20 ... -websites/
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Post by Mr.Darcy »

Blacks by fars. Asians lose in quanitity but win in quality over blacks.
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Post by TruthOrConsequences »

Among Caucasians, I would say Eastern Europeans, Greeks... etc..
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Post by Ghost »

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Post by jamesbond »

Ghost wrote:The male race...
I agree, the least desirable race for American women is ........... the male race! :P
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Post by Robert77 »

without a doubt asians and indians are the bottom of the pit when it comes to males in america.
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