The World's Least Friendly Cities

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The World's Least Friendly Cities

Post by Taco »

In most large wealthy cities the people are not very friendly.

The World's Least Friendly Cities ... me=3425278
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Re: The World's Least Friendly Cities

Post by Mr S »

These surveys are often dumb, bogus and unfounded. Friendliest is relative to the each individual. Many of the cities mentioned, the people are probably more upfront and less personable, less BS/fake friendly so this may rub some people the wrong way. I'd rather deal with real personalities than fake ones that pretend to be nice but really want something in return, like my money! East coast people get a bad rap for supposedly being 'unfriendly', but it's more being realistic and being upfront about things, rather then beating around the bush, which many other cultures do or parts of the country. You just have to know how this communication style works to not get offended by it all the time if you're not from the geographical area. I originally grew up in Boston area of NE, (1 hr drive) and I can understand the reasoning behind it being unfriendly but I think it's just a misinterpretation of the communication process.

No Asian countries other than Beijing appeared on the survey, yet I felt from traveling to many Asian countries they tend to be either fake friendly or cold as ice to foreigners. Every city will be friendly/unfriendly depending on what you make of it and how you interact with the residents.
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