How to Find a Wife

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How to Find a Wife

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Here is some advice on finding someone to marry.

-- Get your finances and career in order.

If you want to get married, you need to be able to support a wife, and eventually children. So you may need to work a bit harder on your career. If you are working fast food or a low-paid retail job, drawing unemployment, etc., try to find some area to specialize in where you can earn a decent living. This might require getting some training. If four years of college are not for you, there are plenty of short-courses, that together with some training, you could take to get started in a career path. Real estate agent, insurance agents, real estate appraisers, customs brokers are examples of jobs that involve a test to get started where income can go up as one develops competence. There are skilled trades like plumbers, electricians, etc. that require some training. If you could get into a union apprenticeship program, they might start you off with free training combined with a lower wage position that increases over the years to a high wage as you become more skilled and finally finish the training program. You could also start a small business, sell something online. Research a field that interests you then go in a specific direction to get set up with a career that can support a wife.

It seemed to me that if the decision to marry or have children were based purely on the finances I had at the time. I had to depend on God to fill in the gaps. I ended up with an extra months bonus I did not know about right when I got married that made things possible. The English of the contract I had was poorly worded and I did not recognize holiday names, so it turns out I had two months bonus coming to me when I only had one.

-- Get straightened out

Do you drink to much? Stop it. Do you spend your money on gambling. Stop it. Do you sit around watching porn. Stop it. Porn could give you some bad sex education that could actually hinder your future interactions with a wife.

How are you doing spiritually? Get into right status with your maker. After marriage and having children is when a lot of people get more serious about their religion, thinking about how they are going to raise children. Women who go to church regularly tend to be more serious about marriage. If you want a marriage-oriented wife as opposed to the have-fun-dating type this is something to consider. But for your own soul, this is something to consider. Christian women who really believe in staying married for life typically want Christian men who hold to the same faith and values.

-- Look for a wife, not a girlfriend.

You might be able to pick up a girl to date at a wild meat market singles bar. How likely are you to find a woman you want to marry there?

If you are working and work with a few people, none of whom are females that you could marry or would care to marry, then you need some way to meet other women. You could randomly approach women on the street. But what are the odds you will meet a marriagable woman that way? Could it be the type of woman you might want as a wife might not find that the best way to meet a partner?

If you are a person of faith, church may be a good place to meet people. I heard of a man going to his own church then going to other churches on Wednesday night to see if he could find a potential wife.

I found my wife when I went to the library on her college campus. It was very much a Christian campus, also, so kind of along the lines of meeting a woman in church. But having a good reason to be on a college campus might open opportunities to meet young women.

You can also join clubs and social organizations. Some MLM programs have a lot of business events where you go to people's houses for training. If you find a girl through one of these, she may be business-minded. She might also be gung ho about a product that never makes her any money and not have the best business sense.

Then there are friends and relatives. If you are looking for a foreign woman and live in the west, you might be able to get to know people from other cultures and let them know you are single and looking. They might match you up.

-- Finding a wife abroad.

If you go abroad, if you want to meet women, it is best to have some social network. If you are a tourist, then picking up women at bars or on the streets or in malls might seem to be an obvious way to go about it. But you can also go abroad and go to church while there, or go to a college campus for a good reason. Other venues besides clubs are available overseas as well. It's a lot easier to get into a social network if you actually live abroad than if you go there for a visit.

If you knew some Filipina aunt, for example, who wanted to match you up with a niece in the Philippines, and you go there for that, then you go there and meet the young woman, but if you go meet other women, that may be frowned upon. So if you had a legitimate reason to go to the Philippines-- vacation or expanding your MLM downline, or whatever it is, you might have a bit more leeway to get away from a girl you are introduced to and go do other things.

I can also tell you some ways _not_ to get a wife. If you do not want to find a wife, sit around on the Internet all day complaining about how bad all the women out there are and making excuses for doing nothing about your life situation or career.
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