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Cebu, Philippines ~ 1st Time Help.Things to do as a tourist?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Post by FlyingMoose »

I have been following this thread closely as I have also been considering visiting Cebu... (only been to AC)
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Post by CJStyles »

Hey guys, I've created a rough schedule for my trip. Can anyone with experience traveling between these places tell me if my timing is perhaps off? I know that it's about 24 hours between where I live and Bangkok (so if I leave in the evening I expect to arrive same time next day), and from what I hear 1-3 hours between everything else (checkout morning arrive evening). But perhaps I'm not taking into account things like picking up luggage? Or other bits?

Anyone think I should spend more time in one place vs the other?

I've broken up my time in Bangkok due to the fact it's going to be the most fast paced, while I'll spend more time chilling in Philippines.

As always, thanks for the help.


> Leave T.O Friday Night, Nov 2nd, Return flight Nov 17th Eve.

Round Trip Toronto to Bangkok
> Arrive in Bangkok Nov 3rd, night
> 3 nights in *** hotel (Nov 3rd/4th/5th)
> Checkout Nov 6th morning

1 Way Bangkok to Davao
> Arrive in Davao Nov 6th evening
> 4 nights in *** hotel (Nov 6th/7th/8th/9th)
> Checkout Nov 10th morning

1 Way Davao to Cebu
> Arrive in Cebu Nov 10th evening
> 4 nights in *** hotel (Nov 10th/11th/12th/13th)
> Checkout Nov 13th morning

1 Way Cebu to Bangkok
> Arrive in Bangkok Nov 13th evening
> 4 nights in *** hotel (Nov 13th/14th/15/16th)
> Checkout Nov 17th morning

Catch Bangkok to Toronto Return Flight, back Nov 18th
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Post by pete98146 »

Bingo CJ! You'll have a blast! Perfect schedule.
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Post by davewe »

xiongmao wrote:Older guys do often get a lot more interest on Asian dating sites. Guys nearly twice my age were getting loads more emails than I was!

It is of course because scammers like to target older men, and most sites are probably 50% scammer.

Asian women tend to be marriage orientated and if they like you they'll be ultra-clingy. If you want a short term gf, stick to sex contacts sites, not dating sites. Oh, and there are plenty of hookers on DIA.
It wasn't the OPs reason for posting, but thought I'd address this just in case there are any older guys looking in or anyone else considering the online Asian dating sites.

First, while is is true that there are scammers on all the sites, that isn't the sole or even primary reason why the girls online from PI go for a bit older guy. Seems hard to believe but a 25 year old Filipina thinks she is getting old for marriage and a 30 year old may be flat our too old to be marriageable with a viable Filipino. So they look abroad. Even the younger ones (early 20s) often view older Western men as more attractive than younger Filipino guys who in their view cheat, drink, gamble, and are unemployed. Whether they are correct or not (and I doubt they are) they view us as more loyal, less likely to cheat, more mature, viable husband material. They of course also know that such a guy can provide a better life for her, her family, and potential kids down the line. So its not quite so cut and dry as assuming they are scammers or just after money and green cards (though many are).

As to the scammers, on Cherry Blossoms I chatted with hundreds of girls last year and am back on it now. I estimated a 20-25% scammer rate from my experience. I've heard some sites are worse some better. BTW, scammers as someone else mentioned are usually easy to spot or bring out, though I still get fooled sometimes. If a girl looks very Westernized or posts lots of hot pics showing skin, that may be normal in the US - but it is not in Phils. Now the pics may look more conservative and she still ends up being a scammer, but it is less likely.

But I agree that if the OP has only fun and hook ups in mind, his methodology is different and the dating sites will be tougher to navigate. He might also check out Tagged and for that matter network on Facebook. Once you have one Filipina friend on Facebook, others will follow.
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Post by Twobrains »

CJS, I would cut down your profile - less is more. Most Pinays will probably not bother to read it all (and many will not read any of it). I think it gives too much detail and implies you are more serious about finding a partner than you intend. You really don't have to sell yourself too much - you are the prize. I definitely would cut out the mention of going back to the hotel - leave that to their imagination. Don't apologise for your tattoos - some will like them and some will not - you have no control over that. You could try out Sasha V's Online Dating Optimizer - it really works! viewtopic.php?t=14580&highlight=
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Post by Taco »

CJStyles wrote: But I'll be staying away from the conflict zones for sure, a roundhouse kick does nothing against a bullet.
I'm glad you know that. Its always a good idea to avoid any type of conflict when travelling in Asia. Its ok to disagree with someone, just don't start yelling at them which is seen as a major insult.
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Post by noog »

CJStyles wrote: a roundhouse kick does nothing against a bullet.
It does if you're Chuck Norris! :wink:
"Take a bold and unconventional action, then you'll find out who your friends are."

"Trying to find good American women is like trying to ice skate in a volcano."
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