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Jester wrote:
Winston wrote:AiB,
Thanks for showing us videos of your wife and kids. Now a few questions:

1. Your wife seems like a decent looking lady who is nice, easy going, non-argumentative, and strong enough to help out around the house and do the work.

But she looks plain, not hot. If you are "da man" as you claim, why didn't you get a hotter wife?

2. If you are the mack daddy playboy in Asia that you claim, why did you get married and give up your freedom? Yeah right. Perhaps you couldn't get any decent women so you took the first one you could get? lol

3. Your children do not look half white. Are they yours, or did she have them before she met you?

If the latter, then why did you marry a woman with two kids? No one else here would do that. Were you that desperate because you couldn't get anyone? lol

Sorry if these questions are rude. I don't mean to be. But I'm just trying to get to the bottom of things.

Btw, yes I would say those things to your face. I can stand up for myself in person. Why not? What would it accomplish though? We obviously have a major personality conflict. You are not going to apologize for your behavior. So why would I even want to meet you?

We have several forum members who are in Thailand now. Why don't you meet up with them so they can gauge you in person?
Winston you need a few days off.

This is WAY out of line.
The thing is, I wouldn't intentionally brag about anything I've done. There are people who have done far more and far less. But when challenged, I'm going to lay it all out there, full of my self or not. Muhammad Ali used to brag, but he could back it up. My statements are nowhere near as braggadocios as the things Ali's said as he's in a completely different league obviously, but as you stated, I am doing some things. I don't claim to know it all but after 18 years I know a helluva lot more than guys who have spent a couple of weeks here.

Anyway, I hope Winston and I have moved passed this and it doesn't happen again.

BTW - just to continue to prove Winston's point, I have some videos going up shortly where I flirt and interact with Thai women. I just pick out ANY Thai woman, fairly good looking like the two in the last video or butt ugly, it doesn't matter...the key in Thailand, IMO, is just to have fun. If you get overly serious about one woman, or it looks as if you're too intense, some Thai women find this a turn-off. But...they are easy to approach. Although I'm human and in the past would have tried, I'm not trying to get in any of their pants now. If someone is content to approach and not worried about getting laid, Thailand is a gold mine. If they're like me and feel like getting laid differentiates me from other guys, then it can be difficult.
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anamericaninbangkok wrote:But if I put on a nice pair of jeans, a nice dress shirt, and throw on a jacket, I'll be treated remarkably better. But isn't this the same as in the states or just about anywhere? If you look affluent, people assume you're a higher class person, and thus treat you better.
I noticed this much more among Blacks in the South, and among immigrants here in LA. My theory is that if you're part of an ethnicity that has a lot of poor people or whatever, then dressing up becomes more important to set yourself apart from the masses.
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My worry is that I'll be the target of such things as getting ripped off and worse, robbed, if I dress nice in a 2nd or 3rd world country. When I was in the Philippines I dressed down a lot so that I could try to blend in as much as I could (hard to do when I'm white...lol). In Thailand, I just wore shorts and a T-shirt as that is common over there and again...I'd blend in better.

I noticed my Asian friend (from NYC) dressed up much more than my gf and I in Thailand, but his goal was to hook up with women...which he did. He always stays on top of the current trends/styles in different parts of Asia and knows how to dress when he visits.
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anamericaninbangkok wrote:Image

Rock knows that I really dig these types of ladies, hehe. :P
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