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Re: Filipinas

Post by Johnny1975 »

mentor wrote:
Johnny1975 wrote:Over the last few weeks I've become really intrigued by filipinas. I often chat with filipinas on a dating site just to experience their refreshing attitude even though meeting them isn't an option. Sometimes I like to ask them what a day with them would be like, and I like to ask them what they'd do for me, just to see what they say. Just today I was actually getting really aroused when one said that she'd happily make me tea whenever I ask (after I asked her if she would) and that that's easy (i.e. hardly a challenge / big deal) and that she'd love to serve me. When I asked her if while we watch tv she'd sit on the floor (as in let me lie on the sofa) in just her underwear she said sure, no problem. When I asked her if she'd kiss me any time I ask she said she'd do it whether I ask or not, and whether I like it or not and I'm getting a hardon typing this.

But I've noticed a few things :

* I don't feel like I could be even slightly sexually suggestive with them. I like a bit of cheek but I don't think it would go down well. They seem to lovey dovey (not that there's anything wrong with that but it's a bit too much). One stopped chatting with me simply because I asked if she's a good kisser.

* They strike me as very naive / too trusting.

* They don't seem to be very intellectual. Or maybe they are but they choose not to show it. Maybe it's not that important to them, I don't know, but it's definitely important to me.

If the above things weren't an issue, they'd be perfect. But it's a problem. Basically they're like pussycats. They're so lovely but certain things are a bit lacking.

Nice observations.
After these years, do you want to update or change something from the above? not really. It's pretty much the same. The only thing that has changed is that I'm careful not to say anything rude/sexual, and I don't mind having to do that. I don't mind that they're not very intellectual, although I do want them to at least have something to say, and it's sometimes hard work keeping the conversation going.
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Re: johnny,

Post by Hero »

Johnny1975 wrote: I find it hard to square the lying with the catholic upbringing. The two don't go together.
Dude, seriously? You think that just because they're religious, they're also moral? I tell you, the most religious Filipinas I've met have also been the biggest sluts and liars.
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Re: Filipinas

Post by mentor »

As I have understand, filipino people try to be happy in any case and whatever happens. So, I am always having this in mind, as well as the fact that most of them try to be jolly, or they are really jolly.
It seems that everyone is a singer/dancer there...
Having said that....let me ask:

Is it usual for a girl in ph, to dance belly dancing?
A christian girl!
I mean, it is not even a muslim country, and I think this dance is quite sexy, so I can't think how a 'good' girl could just dance this, and then as she said she goes to church, etc.
Isn't this incompatible with the country's traditions?
Or am I missing something?
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