Why filipinas want men 36+

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Re: Why filipinas want men 36+

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chanta76 wrote:Johnny,

Why still in Thailand? It seems to beat you down.
Jonny Law: Reporting Live From Thailand :twisted: !
Thai Women have the potential to be Mediocre Whores At BEST!
They the most unfaithful.
They are completely worthless mothers and wives.

Thailand is a collectivist society (America is an individualist society). You can say all Thais are like that and you will be correct.

1. Thailand is near Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam are close and there are decent women there. I am planning trips to Laos and Myanmar this summer.
2. Easier sex than in America (THANK YOU THAI SOAP OPERAS: Thai women love half White babies). Pump-And-Dump relationships are what Thai women want and deserve.

"Mixed Thais are usually more popular or stand out more. This is because Thai people like the look of a Caucasian person more so than simply a Thai with white skin. Mixed Thais on TV shows, Soap operas and movies are usually only half-Thai half something caucasian"
People who have advantage in Thailand: 1. Whites and 2. Asian (There is a lot of pro-asian rasism in Thailand).
https://www.quora.com/Why-Thailand-s-ac ... xed-people
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