Why Have Young People In Japan Stopped Having Sex?

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Hah...I can see from the video how the Japanese women are even worse than American in many ways.

They aren't even going to turn into old hags regretting the moment they refused to marry earlier - they will simply not going to consider marrying at all.

And just look at how the Japanese sheeple think that they don't care about love and intimacy. What a crock full of nonesense. If that was the case the animal pets, host-clubs, escorts, visual novels, anime etc will go out of business.

It wasn't because they were workaholics etther - because even the NEETs exhibit the same behavior too

The real problem here is that the Japanese were raised to be afraid of real-life interactions.. Once again, reflecting back to my observation way back when that gal presented such an anti-social vibe to the people around her. Her insecurity and fear projecting itself from within....
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